Escaping Stalag UK

Hey ho, l've escaped Stalag UK for a while. I'll blog when l can. Still can't quite get my head around that l'm more free in a former USSR country. Going back to bar now to have a drink and a smoke ... as most of the customers are doing. Still busy at 04.30 in the morning and it's an ordinary bar ... not a club.


  1. I don't suppose there are folk out in the street vomiting on the pavements or causing fights either SH. Enjoy while you can.

  2. Thanks Subrosa, l will. You are quite correct, there's none of that.

    Thinking of popping over to Greece to see how the smoking ban goes down seeing it started today. Better get some zzzzzzzz's first, been a long night.

  3. Look for Nikos Louvros:


  4. Lucky bugger....a drink and a smoke...nostalgia!


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