Smoky Drinky Weekend

Yes the weekend ... all of it. This really is a wonderful place to be. Everyone calls down at sometime or another. They stay, go home or do what they want. No restrictions, no rules, just everyone mucks in together. The place has 5 bedrooms but more can be accommodated if you're not picky and nobody is. You do what you want and so do the others. Music is piped through the house with a system to die for. Amplifiers control the sound level to every part of the house including the garden and the selection of music is from 2000+ albums. All these are digital on the main computer but there are other computers throughout the house so if you prefer something different, say in the bedroom, you can access it. Don't get me wrong, these computers are not state of the art but are very functional ... and all are connected to the internet. There are TVs but they are very seldom used because everyone seems to prefer music.

Food and drink are supplied by everyone who comes ... not forgetting the smokes of course. Not everyone are smokers but there's none of this waffing of hands in front of the face, verbal indignation and the like. People are just socialising together how it used to be in pubs. There's also no limit to how long you can stay ... the house is commonly referred to as Hotel California.

In truth, it is akin to the concept of communes in my youth except everyone have there own homes to go to so l suppose in reality it could be termed a holiday commune ... like taking a time-machine in some respects.

Oh,  l forgot to mention the library, there are 1000's of books and something for everyone ... fiction, non-fiction, sf .. the list goes on. lt's not a library as such, it's just built in bookcases scattered around the house. Even that cannot accommodate the owners full collection. He has the rest stored in a container.Want talking books? ... library of those too! Is the owner an eccentric? .... 100% but the most mild mannered laid back person you will ever meet ... and generous to a fault. He is also extremely well educated and very intelligent. lf science is your passion you would love it here. An example is the magazine New Scientist ... his collection goes back 20+ years ... all of them! Don't for a moment think that he's boring .... his other passions include music and women amongst others. Think it would be very apt here to say 'don't judge a book by it's cover'.

Must go now and join the crew downstairs ... long weekend ahead, smoking, drinking, talking, debating, laughing ... blah, blah. Not much blogging envisaged though others may and have.

Being alive is not enough, one has to live.

Stuff the righteous ... it won't say on my tombstone 'he died' it will say 'he lived' and right below the engraved skull and crossbones.

Which reminds me ... the flag is proudly flying outside. :)


  1. I wish you lived near me. I could do with cheering up :(

  2. I am happy to say to you all the pirate badges
    wil being sticked on WestVlaandere Kuste where
    the Englishman is visiting.
    We are hoping many badges are sticking in Engeland

    Pieter Van Zwerroker

  3. Sounds wonderful, just what the doctor ordered - Not.
    I like the library as a facilitator of discussion. Just hope someone has donated copies of 'Velvet Glove, Iron Fist', 'Smokescreens', 'Dissecting Anti-Smoker's Brains' and 'The Death of Humane Medicine', to name but a few.

  4. I'm sure she shouldn't be on the bar like that, it must breach loads of hygiene regulations.

  5. Woodsy .... we are doing research on the risks. Should take years! :)


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