Smoky Drinky ... who was this guest?

The name keeps escaping me :)


  1. What an appalling sight that is...this calls for a nicely filled briar.

    Those tartan!

  2. And he's only on the third bottle of Buckfast.

  3. Defo Obo - don't deny it mate. Your identity is out!

  4. Excuse me folks,can I just butt in this to-do
    about some pissed pict trousered Che Guevara fan.
    I have just arrived home half dead after being subject to humiliation,intimidation,inquistion,
    starvation,water denial and mental torture for
    3 hours and fifty minutes at the hands of
    Her Majesty's GrenzeSchutzeSonderKommando
    (UK Border Guard..Hull Docks Gulag)
    My alleged crime,I had been to Ostend to buy
    an "allowance" of Amber Leaf.............WHY?
    I may have to make this easy to read for socialists ,secondary modern and comprehensive
    educated Yonners and numpties....WHY? again
    BECAUSE it is a lot cheaper to buy in Belgium
    YEP folks tis a fact of life 6 packs of Amber Leaf costs £480 less than in RIPOFF UK
    After 28 pages of hand written interrogation I
    was finally ejected into the bright sunshine of
    Humberside in the hope of finding the valiant
    men and women of England ready to storm the
    Bastille of oppression
    Alas only the swoop of a thin seagull broke the stillness.
    I ,although ageing, am up for some rebellion ,some resistance,but when I glance around the Round Table of Blogdom in the quest for fierce Knights all I see are well used
    keyboards and mice without balls.

    Oh in case you are worried about the Amber Leaf,I've still got them


    The Gothic North

    Wanted urgently ....Shakers and Fighters

  5. Find a home at EUReferendum

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