The Resistance's Smoky Drinky now stocked.


  1. Now that's what I call smoky-drinky!

  2. I want to go THERE! ... and never come back.

  3. Wow that looks awesome! Im gonna make a start on turning my large garden shed into a smoky-drinky tomorrow,thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Where's the crisps.?

    Give us a "coded" shout when its opening time
    I'll mobilise the Northmen to march down and
    chill out for sesssion or three

    Stand up
    Speak up
    Kick ass.

  5. It..... it.... almost looks like a pub. *sniff*

    I remember those....

  6. Crisps? ... if it's on the banned list, we've got it!

  7. I was sure I commented on this yesterday SH, blogger playing up maybe, so to repeat my word of wisdom;

  8. corrrrrr!!!! wouldn't customs just love that place. All those goods and not a penny paid in british tax, i love it!!!


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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