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Post taken from Resistance facebook 
  from Johnny Rebel to James Watson

Are you Junican? Where was original post from?

Your post is interesting however it misses a point about 'The Resistance'. Not only do we advocate no more UK tax on tobacco and to some extent alcohol, we intend to publically state it.

It is of little use except to oneself personally to buy your goods abroad. This statistic would be lost and manipulated by those such as ASH that they are winning by coming up with their own statistics that people are giving up smoking. To back this up, they would quote the Treasury's figures on reduced tax got from alcohol/tobacco.

They would do this and probably will and it would work ... if we let them.

We can also use propaganda and the same tools they did. Stickers will shortly be avaiable stating we pay no UK tax on tobacco/alcohol. Placed in strategic places such as Government buildings, Health Depts, fake charities such as ASH ... they will be noticed. Taking pics of them and posting will help too. Of course pubs etc should also be targeted because others will then join in.

Now here's the interesting part and indeed most important. Every sticker out there can equate to 1 member of 'The Resistance'. lt does not matter whether it was put there by a smoker or a non-smoker who is with us. Every sticker will be classed as someone not paying UK tax.

Only a small percentage of 'The Resistance' will join this site ... because they don't have to join to be part of it!

So how do we know how many of us there are? ... the stickers! lf someone gets 500 stickers ... are they 500 members or just 1? We re using their tactics :)

As l say, use the stickers on predominately specific targets and record it. The MP's constituency offices are a good one as well as the ones already mentioned ... especially so if they are photographed and posted. Virtually everyone carries a camera nowadays ... it's on your mobile phone!

Stickers will be available ... 100 for £2.50 + p&p ... or print them yourself.


  1. l'll take 100. Request sent ... this should be fun!

  2. none but the brave. printed my own

  3. Some may ask where to stick the pirates.First a bit of caution.Dont stick them where they could lose sympathetic observers,pub windows etc.
    Now the easy bit.
    Where to leave them (UNSTUCK)
    Outside cafe/pub tables
    Lottery points
    Post Office Qing points.
    Cash points
    Pay Meters
    Bank filling out tables
    Supermarket trolleys
    Bus/train free paper location
    Ticket dispesers
    ...You can add any other suggestions on your
    subsequent comments
    Now where to stick them
    There are millions of metal bins where smokers stand in groups,thousands of corners and alcoves easily spotted by the butts on the floor,thousands of stub out containers at the entrances to airports,ferryports,stations,markets,shopping precincts,town halls ,thanks to smoking ban the opportunities are endless.Dont forget the
    entrance area bins to CON/LAB/LIB CLUBS and all
    other club types.Near tunstiles to sports grounds esecially just before games.

    Any more

    Most important ,to enlist as many bloggers as possble to promote ,to advertise,to push and prompt,to display for downloading,printing and
    plastering everywhere untill the message is received loud and clear.

    Non Quitter

  4. Will get some sticky paper for me printer this week, your/our pirate is up on my blog as of now!
    Well done good work!

  5. I look forward to seeing one stuck on every government mandated 'No smoking' sign - after all they are the signs that were forced on the world to taunt smokers by constantly reminding of the liberty that was lost so should be a primary target.

  6. Hand dryers,wash basins and above urinals in public toilets
    service areas,stations,etc etc

    Taxi ranks

    Public Transport Timetables

    Students Union Entrances.

    CAMRA beer tent poles ????????????

    The Vrginian Pimpernel

  7. How do we pay if we order by email?

  8. Fascist Hippy ... details will be sent to you by return once you've e-mailed.

    Glad to have you aboard.

  9. This is a great idea!!!!!Good luck to everyone involved.

  10. I'll have 100. Have you got any knickers with it printed on? :-) xxx

  11. T .... don't think it's possible to print that small :) xxx

  12. Great - got some ordered, and some for friends, too. I'm particularly looking forward to decorating the snippy little message in completely open bus shelters - the ones that give you a number to phone if someone is smoking in there.


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