The Resistance.

I made a comment over at Pat Nurse's place about the anti-smokers in the UK being not unlike the Vichy French.Whilst l made it in jest, it did later strike me as having relevance. The Vichy French took it upon themselves to ostracise and persecute the Jews with virtually no help from the Third Reich whatsoever. Whilst not having the tragic consequences that befell the Jews, the methods used are very similar.

Lies and propaganda are constantly put out by government bodies and their fake charities aimed at smokers. Our own UK Vichys then use it against us at seemingly every opportunity ... and often with venom.
The government have to do nothing because our own citizens are quite happy to do it for them, in fact they seem to relish it. Why do they do it? ... some say it's righteousness but l think it's something otherwise as well. They enjoy the power that they think they have over smokers ... and in a way they have because attacking smokers has become the norm and acceptable. lt's open season on smokers. Just in case our UK Vichys don't forget the position of smokers, the country is adorned with no smoking and anti smoking signs. At least we don't have to wear them .... yet! Neither do you have to take this crap from them.

But, as like Vichy France, there is a Resistance. The French Resistance in those days were quite small (don't believe the history of today). That unfortunately is where the similarities end.

Our Smokers Resistance is fragmented andvirtually toothless. We make no impact, we have no victories to speak of. Despite this some still think that petitions and the like will make a difference. Well, l hope Clegg has opened your eyes to that false hope. Even if the smoking ban did get a review, what then? A referendum? We'd be up against all the government departments and their fake charities campaigns. They'd flood the TV channels, newspapers, radio waves with their propaganda aimed at the sheepies. All this would be financially supported by the government. What would we have? .... the lnternet and blogging. We used to have pubs where we could all meet up and form alliances with other pubs but that avenue was closed off to us long ago. The pathetic pub companies made sure of that ... f'ing wimps.The resistance at the moment is just political and whilst they make a few inroads we should not depend on being just a political resistance. lt's time for an active Resistance that takes the fight to the streets.

So, do we surrender? .... certainly not! We fight on but lets use their tactics ... fight dirty!  Get your tobacco from anywhere but the UK. They don't want us, so why give them money to harass us more? Smile or laugh everytime you light up your foreign tobacco/cigarettes. They will then begin to take notice ... money talks. Don't know where to find a source of this tobacco? ... ask around, it's there waiting for you. All you have to do is make a little effort and remember you'll be saving yourself money too. Do you need anymore incentive?

Other more seasoned bloggers have told you this and now l'm doing the same. Whilst you're at it, source your alcohol too and damage the pub companies at the same time. As l said before 'money talks'. Yes, some companies will go to the wall but then the pubs may then be taken up by independents who have some balls who value their customers. Time to hit back.

Let us say to one and all, and especially the UK Vichys   'Don't Fuck with Us!'  Some of us are already doing this ... but not enough so join us. You're either with us or against us ... a simple choice.  Choice? ... do you remember what that is?


  1. Can we have guns too like the girls in the pic?

  2. Do they sell tobacco in the UK!!!!. I can't remember the last time I paid into this UK Government money raking scheme, there are still some fools who do.

  3. Criminalisation of smokers has already begun. What next?

    Yes, I agree. The only avenue of dissent and protest I have left is to go on cheap trips abroad for my tobacco. The tax I save here pays the flight and accommodation. I will not pay UK tax for further persecution against me or any other smoker.

    Denying the state these taxes means two things - they have no idea how many smokers there are, and they will soon run out of money for deceitful anti-smoking propaganda campaigns.

    However, be warned, when the taxes dry up,the criminal persecution will continue. £80 per dropped fag end is far more than the tax on one pack of cigs. This will be the only way they can ensure we pay for our own persecution and it will get worse.

  4. Hi Pat, l'll pop over and have a look but before l do ... let me guess ... a female or a senior citizen got the £80 fine?

    Reason l say this is youths, large framed men (bald head optional)etc are invisible to these Stasi.

    Good for you on the purchase of your tobacco. l recommend Bulgaria or Poland. lf you need any info just let me know.

  5. There is no date of birth so I have no idea how old she is. Because it is in the area of the university, I'm guessing that she is a student but I won't know until tomorrow.

    Yes, an £80 fixed penalty if you pay on the spot but more for the state if it goes to court, results in a fine and costs and the iniquitous "Victim surcharge" of £15 which goes on each case - except those where there really is a victim like GBH, manslaughter or murder.

    Another one of NuLab's jolly good wheezes for screwing the public that have fallen foul of their 6000 new petty laws.

  6. And no doubt if they don't see you drop a fag end they will just make it up.

  7. We always get our ciggies abroad, makes them taste sweeter.

    But we shouldn't get too laid back about denying the government of our taxes. MEPs tried a couple of years back to bring all tobacco prices in line, and in line would be with the UK. One of the main promoters of this was the Green party leader Caroline Lucas. I e-mailed her and told her exactly what I thought, needless to say back came a reply about the old chestnut 'passive smoke'.

    I do believe this will come up again, especially now they're trying every which to get money out of people because Europe has ballsed up the economy. Smokers will be the prime target.

    I'm sorry, said I wouldn't repeat this again, but can't help it. The only way we're going to stop these parasites is by cutting off the flow of money. And I've suggested that smokers campaign for tobacco to made illegal. Put it to the government - either back off of smokers or make it illegal now, not in 5/10/20 years but immediately.

    No tobacco - no taxes from BT
    No tobacco - no taxes from smokers
    No tobacco - no need for anti-smoking programmes or organisations
    No tobacco - everyone will live to 120

    I've been shouted down every time I've mentioned this, but nothing else seems to be working, proving the science is a non-starter, they couldn't careless, the courts are bought and paid for that's without the politcans.

    What are we do, wait until we're driven from public view altogether but carry on buying tobacco just to keep the government coffers bolstered, and keep the antis in employment. I'm sorry I'd rather deny the parasites of their their money. What difference will it make smokers calling for it to be made illegal, we'll still be able to get tobacco from other sources, and all we'll be doing is smoking it at home which is what is going to be the end result anyway.

    The hypocrisy of tobacco control is breathtaking, as I showed with a post on F2C. They had a golden opportunity to have a smokefree country in the US. Who voted against it, why of course all the anti-smoking organisations, including lung/heart/nurses associations.

    They blatantly stated that it would harm their funding for anti-smoking programmes. But no tobacco, no need for these programmes.

    I've typed the full report & posted the link in almost every comment section of the newspapers & other forums, not ONE has allowed it, or for those that are not moderated, it's been deleted.

    So this has to tell us something.


  8. This is the offending piece.

    BISMARCK - North Dakota House representatives Monday voted overwhelmingly against a bill proposing to ban tobacco sales in the state.

    Belter told the House that committee members were frustrated last week with the testimony from anti-tobacco groups that testified against the tobacco ban, including the North Dakota Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, North Dakota Public Health Association and North Dakota Nurses Association.

    There's no evidence banning tobacco would prevent and reduce tobacco use because no such approach has been implemented, the groups argued.


    The ban also could take away certain funding for these groups for tobacco control programs

  9. Yes - I thought bringing tobacco in line across the EU with the UK is the next logical step and one that can take our last avenue of dissent. I am sure they will because they hate us so much and will punish us in whatever way they can.

    Right - time to buy my tobacco seeds and get growing my own. They will not win and they will not control what I choose to put in my own body

  10. Pat, Enraged ... No, l don't agree. The EU is falling apart at the seams as it is. The politicians of each country want to remain in power. Other countries citizens like Greece, Bulgaria etc are far more volatile and reactive than UK. Take Bulgaria, my mother-in-law is a head nurse and recieves less than a ordinary nurse here makes in a week. The taxes are in line but relevant to that countries economy. Bulgarians are smokers and if you put the prices of tobacco up to UK prices it would increase by 200%. There would be riots and civil unrest and the EU would disintegrate!

    Mmmmm ... yes, put the prices up! :)

    Enraged ... l don't see why your post was deleted, it makes valid points and shows that stopping people smoking is not the objective ... money is.

    lt would be impossible to ban tobacco and police it. Hell, they can't even police the drugs trade. They simply couldn't cope with policing the banning of tobacco, the logistics alone see to that. Prohibition does not work ... it simply drives it underground. One thing about the Black Market ... it does care for it's customers unlike the pub trade.l have no qualms whatsoever about people getting their tobacco from this source. l certainly won't condemn them although l dont do it as l purchase my own at the same price the Black Market gets them. Not all can do this because of finances and thats fair enough and best of luck to them.


    SH - update above about the court case and lady prosecuted for dropping a cig end


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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