Nice try ASH but no cigar

I see ASH are getting their knickers in a twist about Rizla cigarette papers being advertised and sold at festivals.

Apart from Rizla just being paper and therefore completely legal, don't you think someone should have informed Harpie Arnott that there are smokers ... and then there are 'smokers'. ?

Even if ASH achieved a total ban on all tobacco products it wouldn't make the slightest difference to the 'joint' smoking fratenity ... what they smoke is already illegal.  :)


  1. Good post. It's about time someone reminded folks that illegal drugs, like pot, are flourishing and (legal) tobacco consumption was on the wain...until smoking bans, of course.

    Tells it's own story, doesn't it.

  2. luv it. might not be able to smoke my dope in future cos tobacco may be illegal. lol

  3. Well of course, we all know why a lot of the anti tobacco fraternity advocate legalisation of cannabis. Look no further than California.

  4. Ah - but the likes of ASH would like to lump the two together to further their "addiction" and tobacco as a "drug" theory. Drugs is bad = tobacco is bad.

    We can see how ridiculous the law is in Holland with Hash smoking allowed everywhere and tobacco smoking only allowed if you are very discreet and not at all in some places. How did all get so bonkers?


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