Are You An Outlaw Yet?

When Nelson Mandela died, the high and mighty were not slow to try and grab hold of his coat tails in the hope it no doubt it would enhance their standing in the world. They fawned over his quotes and speeches but paid little heed to this one, did they?

One can understand why given it's they who have denied so many the right to live their life they want to. ln our case here in the UK it's been all 3 parties ... Labour, Lib Dems and Cons. lt's been never ending for years and still continues to this day ... and will be tomorrow, the day after that ... there's no end in sight. 

So, do you change the life you want to live or do you live it the way you want? 

We chose the latter ... what have you chosen?


  1. Definitely outlaw. No choice, since everything that makes life worth living has been banned.

    Although, tormenting drones with words and ideas isn't banned. They can't ban that because they're all at it too. They do it to gain power.

    I do it because it's funny.

  2. Agreed Leggy. The Mandela quote isn't just a quote to us ... we live by it! As l put over at Jay's place ... the blog is used for the most part to tell people what we are doing in the real world. Just having a blog where one just moans about everything without actually doing anything isn't for us. We're telling people that you can live the life you want because all you have to alter is YOUR world ... not the whole world. lt's so easy to do and you can have fun ... we do! We're not just outlaws ... we are happy outlaws!

  3. "Their first avowed intent to be an outlaw"
    (sorry my primary school assemblies came rushing back on reading your post.
    Here's a lady who gets it. Do watch the 'On being an outlaw' video it is well worth it.


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