We're leaving ....

... very shortly for our annual Rock n Blues weekend. Preparation is everything and we do take it seriously ... as you can see below. The big boy is a 3 Litre ... nice!

What you see is mine and Zaphod's ... the  rest of the crew take their own. Before you ask ... of course the hip flasks are full ... why wouldn't they be? Wonder what the health fascists would make of this lot? Maybe they'd think it's for the year? They'd be wrong ... it's for Fri lunch to Mon morning :). When we party ... we party!

We'll be meeting up with old friends and other crews. We'll no doubt have more friends by the end of it ... we always do!

plus many many more!

ps. Trivia ... Zoot Money is Zaphod's uncle :)

p.s. lf we don't make it back ... don't say we died ... say we LIVED!


  1. Replies
    1. We have people come round to the apt over the weekend and we like to be sociable :) Then there's the gigs themselves where flasks come in very useful ... for ourselves and the friends we meet. :) A bit like Quality Street!

    2. ahh the Quireboys... Saw them at a local bike rally about 3 years ago. Say hello to Spike for me, the lead singer...and don't loose your bottle of JD 'cos he likes a drop or two.
      All the best

  2. Hope you didn't overdo it on the cola! Have a great time lads.

  3. May I ask. Do you, or did you, own a classic scooter?

    They love Skegness and the format is identical.

    Mantra is "great weekend.... I think"!

    Anyway - enjoy.

  4. Leave the Coca-Cola. It's bad for you. And it dulls the taste of lovely, heralthy whisky.


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