You gotta laugh

The number of people smoking tobacco leaf in Poland is said to be 60% of smokers. Imperial Tobacco have been and still are very upset about this. So much so, that they seem to have got the Polish government to do something. They've brought in regs that stipulate that the tobacco leaf producers can only sell to people who are vat registered.

That'll stop the Polish citizens buying tobacco leaf! .... errr, well no actually. What l'm told is that they are registering for vat and now claiming the vat back! l do hope this is true :)

lf you want to try tobacco leaf yourself. ... go here  £1.50 for 50g. :)


  1. I'm told that Poland is a fine place to grow your own...

    1. Just bought some there (tl4u) too. Of course I'll be sticking my leaf up my nose.

    2. I've bought some there. Very happy with it too. But in order to comply with HMRC, I'm having great trouble getting a whole leaf up my nostril.

  2. thank's for your information and i like your post


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