My 60th Surprise Birthday Party ... and what a Surprise!!!!

Sat the 7th September l got a surprise party. When the party was in full swing the music suddenly stopped and my eldest daughter announced this video to me from my youngest daughter who is currently in the USA. No further words necessary:-




  1. Belated happy birthday wishes


  2. Brilliant video! Wonderful surprise for you!
    Happy Birthday!

    From Martin

  3. Talented girl you got there SH. Enjoy your trip and happy birthday.

  4. Lovely surprise SH...hope there's many more.

    Old codger!

  5. Happy birthday indeed. Enjoy your trip.
    By the way, if it is an American cruise liner, I should take an ashtray of the kind that the ash and tips fall into - On the one I have, you press a knob and the ash falls in. You know the type. The reason is that the ship we went on forbade smoking on the balconies as well as in cabins. We ignored the balcony ban (as many others had obviously done in the past - sundry burn-marks).

  6. When you've got a daughter like that, you are one lucky SOB!"!!

    1. He's got TWO daughters like that!
      They get their looks from their Mum.

  7. Much belated, Many Happy Returns my friend. That really made me smile and I hope you have/had a wonderful time. Talk to you soon.

  8. Wishing you all the very best for your 60th. (You beat me to it by about six months). A fab video. I hope you have a wonderful time away.

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