Cigarettes censored by flowers on Turkish TV

This is just pure insanity


  1. John Otway would be thrilled. 'Beware of the flowers' must soon be the Turkish national anthem!

  2. Showing a cigarette being smoked is very very bad for the viewers mental and physical health BUT showing the sociopathic response of the characters to a vehicle exploding directly behind them...i.e. none whatsoever... is.

    Removing Subliminal Messages - y'r doin it wrong. Or right, I guess.

    Depends just what the subliminal message is really s'posed to be. Hmmm...

    1. Sorry there should be an "OK" on the end of that first sentence.

      No edit after posting facility...blah.

  3. After seeing this, it becomes clear why it is absolutely impossible nowadays to distinguish satire from reality in the smoking arena without a guidebook.

    Well, maybe not *absolutely* impossible:


  4. This reminds me of the films in Hong Kong of the early 80's where crude language was muffled out of the soundtrack and while the odd flash of breasts was allowed in adult films, where the female pubis was shown, a little black ball followed it around the screen - a bit like those bouncing balls on singalongs at childrens cinema shows in the 60's. The fact that one of the film censors was a 19 year old self proclaimed virginal religious acolyte may have had something to do with this. The fact that a number of cinemas closed down during the same period had, it was claimed, absolutely nothing to do with this censorship. It proves the point that you don't have to be stupid and tunnel visioned to obtain a position in a government department, but it certainly helps.


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