Will pubs have your custom this winter?


  1. Nope - not until they start fighting for the rights of adult tobacco consumers to be socially included the same as everyone else.

    Til then I'll stick with smokey drinky where I'm welcome thanks

  2. Same as Pat.

    I used to hit the pub 3 or 4 times a week. Now? I'll probably go out a few times around Christmas, but that'll be it.

  3. A couple of times over Xmas and the R&B Skeggy experience(that,s got to be done for sheer value and smoking facilities ;-))
    My money now goes to E-bay to build up my guitar collection.Money I would have otherwise given to the Pub Trade.

    1. Yeah but everyone takes their own alcohol to Skeggy R&B ... and into the pubs. lol

      ... not forgetting the smokes too

  4. My pub, cafe and restuarant money now gets saved for trips abroad. The UK's loss is Belgium's gain.

  5. Same as Pat. I don't go out anymore.

  6. I've got no sympathy for the pubs either.

    They believed the propaganda, that the smelly smokers would be replaced by nice nice non-smokers who wouldn't drop ash. Very few made any real protest.

    And even now, few of them make any real effort with outside smoking provision. Why haven't we heard about creative skirting-around the spiteful 50% enclosed rule? Like a 50% shelter with the open side facing a nearby building wall to keep the wind out? Where are all the triumphant court victories over the smoke inspectors? Rules are there to encourage creativity!

    They just rolled over and died. Sod em.

    Yes, there are exceptions. But they don't need any sympathy, they're doing fine.

    The old folks' homes disgust me. They have a choice, but most of them love the ban. It makes the livestock less of a nuisance.

  7. my wife and I used to spend approx £120 per week in our locals ,now we spend NOWT ,ZILCH,NULL SCHEKELS
    Unfortunately the blanket smoking ban has been kept alive by those who stll give their brass to joints which treat them like vermin,like lepers ,like scum.
    Why have so many lily livered ,spineless ,back stabbing,turncoat,spittle licking,cap doffing,latter day Judases,cringers ,snides,wet pansies,scabs,traitors and various other malignent
    pond life underlings caved in ,given up,crawled on all 4s, surendered to stupidity Just look at the
    Camelot of the Web,hundreds of Merlins ,not a Knight
    to be seen,the Ether choked with scribes ,the barricades near deserted.
    For Liberty.for Freedom,for Choice ,for Rights
    words do not suffice, one has to kick ass
    here endeth
    The ends justify the means

    The Awoken Few

  8. Pay money to be treated like a nasty smell? Bad enough on public transport where I don't have a choice but to be. Unless anyone can recommend a nice pub doing after-hours lock-ins.... Otherwise, forget it, summer or winter. The publicans and the chains all rolled over and played dead. Let them go under. The good ones will survive. New ones will come when the law changes back.

  9. I still go to the pub on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, but I used to go every night and also Saturday and Sunday afternoons. So the two pubs that I frequent have lost six ninths of their income from me.

  10. An interesting side-effect of banning smoking in bars:

    I used to visit a lot of "open mike" sessions at bars in Edinburgh, for the purposes of procuring innocent young lady singers on the premise of making them a star. (Well, see Rock Legacy and maybe there is some truth in it)

    One in particular comes to mind, "Whistlebinkies" a largish basement place in central Edinburgh. In the old days it was foetid and smelled of tobacco smoke. These days it is foetid and smells of sweat and piss.

    Oh I miss the old days.

    Just back from Switzerland, the cradle of the Reformation. Quite nice not to be treated like a leper, and at the airport you can check in and sit around in a large and pleasant atrium and nobody bats an eye, especially since the cops take their lunch breaks in it for the purposes of having a cigarette without a care in the world.


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