You Vill Go On Ze List!

Seems Tobacco Tactics get upset when people call them Nazis and the like but then they go and do this via twitter! :-

Tobacco Tactics ‏@tobacco_tactics
Does your landlord allow your neighbours to smoke in their apartments, condos and flats? Let us know and we will add them to the list.

Go on ze list? ..... Classic! hahahahaha

Don't tell him Pike!

lt has to be a spoof but fun anyhow :)


  1. Bloody classic! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! lol

  2. That was very naughty of you SH. Bad boy!

  3. You dont think tt is a spoof do you.
    I do.

  4. It could be a spoof but these days who knows!!

  5. The old ones are the best ones, Garry

  6. I replied to that and they said they would put me on the Wiki. I was wondering what I had to do to get a mention

  7. Shame if it's a spoof. A list like that would be very useful to any smokers looking for accommodation.

    Smoker-tolerant landlords would be queueing up to get on it.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  9. It is a spoof. TT website has posted a disclaimer.

    ""Jump to: navigation, search

    The Twitter-account named @tobacco_tactics is not ours!

    A few days after the launch of, a twitter account was set up to impersonate the wiki, and the editors of the site.
    Using the TobaccoTactics logo and URL, those who set up this account violate Twitter policies. Twitter has been notified.

    Ten out the 15 first followers are names featuring on TobaccoTactics, for instance as libertarians or pro-smoking bloggers. ""

    1. Do they not have a list?

      Do they not put pro-smoking bloggers on this list?

      ... l rest my case! :)

  10. Oh good, a list of smokers for my collection,should
    look nice with my past listings as an undesirable in
    Damascus,Commie East Berlin,Bolshy Warsaw and the
    Hungarian Border.No not for smoking

    Oh ,by the way, as the Nazi Occupation Troops are no
    longer stationed in West Flanders (belgium)we would
    be most pleased to welcome any worthy warriors and
    warrioresses on the P&O Longship departing from Hull
    on Wotansdag June 20th
    keyboard shackles permitting ,of course

    Port and Aft Fumer

    1. We are trying my fine Northern Warriors but June is a busy period for us so we cannot promise.


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