NEWS! re Possibly The Greatest Baccy Coach Trip In The UK

We now have a 17 seater minibus! lt is now with our mechanics who are giving it a complete overhaul and service. After that will be the fitting out of the minibus and all the compulsory stuff you must carry when abroad.

A new sound system will be installed with a library of approx 1500 albums. SatNav UK,EU and ROI and asap a TV with separate DVD (incl mem cards) facilities. We also want hot drinks but have to look at which way we'll go with that as to the hot water. Cold drinks will be no problem. Oh, and not forgetting the new ashtrays! :)

We are not rushing this as we want everything to be 100% right including all the legal stuff. Which reminds me, the minibus will always carry all the legal docs and FOI's should we encounter the UKBA/Border Force.

Which leaves us with the Social Club ... any ideas for any names? l quite like the idea of having graphics on the minibus :)

Need to add cigarette

Perhaps a 'smoking cigarette' decal for each mission accomplished? :)

We'll keep you updated of the progress of our minibus.


  1. Have you considered any defensive elements for your coach? Maybe a hidden video camera which could be activated if the bus had to be evacuated and searched by the UKBA? Just in case they were to find anything which wasn't there before?

    Maybe there are other things you might come up with to protect your bus from the poor UKBA who are only trying to do their job. That'll be right!

    Anyway good luck with the entire venture.

  2. another excellent project,well done guys,look forward to seeing it in hull

  3. you could always stick a godzilla's head on the bonnet,ha ha

  4. Guess who just got back today,
    Them wild-eyed boys that'd been away,
    Haven't changed, had much to say,
    But man, I still think them cats are crazy.
    They were askin' if you were around,
    How you was, where you could be found.
    Told them you were livin' downtown,
    Drivin' all the goonies crazy.
    The boys are back in town, (the boys are back in town).
    I said The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town.
    The boys are back in town, (the boys are back in town).
    The boys are back in town, (the boys are back in town)

    1. Yeah! Some Thin Lizzy blasting out in the Sked Shed would be perfect ... sorta sets the mood! I'm sure Zaphod will come up with the power amps and subwoofers!

    2. I'm on that! Do we need any space for luggage, or can I fill it with subs?

  5. Nice one. Cant wait to see it on the road.

  6. This is excellent news, the name I think should be the,
    We don’t give a fuck social club.
    Best Wishes
    John Gibson

  7. " The Awkward Bus-tards"

  8. Whats the nearest pick up point for the
    Old Contemptibles (South East Lancs Battalion).

    HowZ about THE FUMING FERRET re name for the battle bus

    Side story
    Our Red Rose Warparty had a pleasant little sortie
    into the Belgian Ardennes this weeek,less than £30
    return from manchester
    Top notch pub in Charleroi with two smoking rooms
    and unbeatable Leffe Blonde on draught.

    We few ,we band of Brothers
    Why,we ask,are we not more ?

    1. We are aiming to tailor-make the trips on a trip to trip basis. We won't look at trips yet until we are happy with the bus. After that we'll start putting them together.

    2. Ferrets will be allowed on the bus but only when going Eurotunnel. £30 return per ferret, like humans they must have full UK passport



  9. How about "Nothing 2 Declare, Mr Sked"


    1. yes yes nice 1 lads!!! can not wait till its up and running!!! nice 1 for the great advice on the phone it will be worth its weight in gold "bakky" lol, will text ya and let ya no how things go big hairy biker bouncer!!


    2. You can enjoy some winter sunshine with a good weekend in Spain via Pompy.Just check out the offers on the net.

    3. Prices are too high in Spain

  10. Woo! Sounds good. Almost worth coming back from Greece to Yorkshire in order to travel abroad with you lot. :D

  11. Will you be inviting Simon Clark along, with notables such as Lembit Opik and Antnony Warrall Thompson...stalwarts in the fight against the evils of Tobacco Control?

    You may want to include some freebies for them though.


  12. Any use, or start any train?

    Thiasus - basically a bunch of non conformists.

  13. Great news! I'm travelling London-Adinkerke some time in June, if the bus is going then I'll be with you instead of the normal coach.
    "The Jolly Smoking Boys Outings" club, perchance?

  14. what about this for logo on the bus?

    Have More Room (for) Cigarettes?

    H M R C for short ;) ooops

  15. Look forward to reading accounts of your successful baccy runs over the months to come :)

    We are going thro' chunnel this Tuesday with overnight at Etap in Dunkerque and Adinkerke on Wednesday morning.

    1. Thanks SH.

      Obviously we'll have nothing to declare unless specific question regarding baccy. Have all documentation, and recorder, ready to prove we aren't smugglers.

      Will update about Coquelles when we return.

  16. Count me in when the opportunity presents itself.

    By the way, I thought that I might mention the cost of fags in Majorca (ie. Spain, I suppose.

    Some years ago, I discovered a fag named 'Coronas'. I have been purchasing and smoking them ever since. they are made by Japan International and are described as 'class A cigarettes' and 'American Blend'. The are firm and well packed. They cost €3.70 (at last purchase in March, but I understand that cigarette prices were going up in April) for 20. In Bruges, I paid €4 for 19 fags (Pall Mall and JPS).

    Just thought that I would mention it.

    PS. I have just checked the current prices. As far as I can see the current price (12th April) is €3.75 or possibly €3.95.

  17. Hi Smoking Hot and Zaphod, met you two great guys on the Hull-Zeebrugge trip (my first one) when I tagged along with Warrior, we swapped numbers for when we are in Bulgaria so we can hopefully meet up and have a drink or three? Just read your plans and would like to let you know that being an ex continental coach driver and still having a full PCV licence I would like to offer my services for your new venture,any driver will need a PCV being as the bus has more than 8 seats, if you would like to take me up on my offer you know you can contact me, looking forward to seeing you guys again and keep up the great work.

    1. err..before panic sets in. You don't need a PCV licence if you've got category D1 on your licence which most of us old gits have as of right. Licence categories were changed in the late 90's(?) for new drivers and restricted to 3 1/2 tonnes for goods and 8seats for minibuses.Unless it's for hire or reward of course..

    2. The law changed in 1996.
      explains it all
      We hope to have a Minibus permit (see Sect 4) by the time we get started


  18. Hi, Anon. SH is in travel limbo again. He'll check in when he touches earth.

    He's assured me that it's all legit as a "Social Club", (not for hire or reward.) And we both qualify as "Old Gits".

    But we'd be glad to have any experienced drivers along. I always drive a transit anyway, but this bus is a lot longer. And my only experience of driving on the wrong side of the road was a nightmare!

    I've got a strong suspicion that this could end up costing SH a lot of money, but I've been unable to talk him out of it. It's certainly gonna be fun!

    We've got the bus, it's being made ready. At some point we'll announce the first trip, and discover that everyone wants to be on the second or third trip? :-)

    1. To avoid any problems I suggest that the use of the minibus is free for any social club member. Personally I would like SH or Zaphod to be on any trip I would make. Of course I wouldn't expect them to come for nothing. I'd pay them for their time, consultancy and expertise, or if they couldn't come I'd pay them for some information packs etc.
      May I also suggest that someone else forms the social club and SH and Zaphod become members?
      I can see this working if handled the right way.
      Anyone see any problems with this?

  19. yes i can see problems TJB, the idea of a social club sounds great:

    "The Social Club would be non-profit but would require a small donation from any members using the minibus to donate to the 'maintenance fund' to keep the minibus in tip-top condition etc"

    but then you suggest a completely different proposition:

    "Of course I wouldn't expect them to come for nothing. I'd pay them for their time, consultancy and expertise, or if they couldn't come I'd pay them for some information packs etc"

    perhaps SH can make it completely clear what the terms and conditions are and whats to be paid and why?

    cos everyone wants to know the score without bad feeling or awkwardness over "donations" "tips" "fees" "petrol money" " a whip round for the driver" moments.

    please advise as soon as possible SH.

    1. bloody hell! give them chance! i think what tjb is suggesting is a way to get round the psv licence in europe.

  20. "And my only experience of driving on the wrong side of the road was a nightmare!"

    I feel your pain, dude. Been back in this Cuntry now almost ten years and I still can't quite get the hang of driving on the left....being challenged as I am in everyday life by the concepts of 'left' and 'right' anyways.

    As my driving instructor was want to yell at me at such moments of 'unusual interest'.."I MEANT THE O T H E R RIGHTHAND SIDE!"

  21. What TJB is suggesting is a big leap from "lifts for friends" to a "fee paying service"

    All i'm asking is for matters to be cleared up by SH ,because grey areas or vauge suggestions leads to confusion and a messy muddle.

    This isnt a dreamy idea being kicked about on the blog, the minibus has been bought, the legal stuff and compulsory stuff is being dealt with, i would hope that a clear explanation of the terms and conditions of what is to be paid and WHY.

    There is no reason to be defensive or offended by a simple question!, this is why such matters should be cleared up as soon as possible.

    1. The bus will be run on a 'social club basis' with a Section 19 Road Traffic Act 1985 Class A permit. This allows members of the club to travel on a 'cost' basis but not a for profit or gain basis. Application for a Sect 19 permit as I understand it has been made.

      Minibus permit

      Minibus permits allow certain organisations to make a charge without having to comply with the full passenger carrying vehicle entitlement (PCV) operator licensing requirements and without the need for their drivers to have PCV entitlement. An example of such organisations would be volunteer groups concerned with education, religion, social welfare, recreations and other activities that are beneficial to the community.

      The minibus permit is for a vehicle that can carry between nine and sixteen passengers and can be obtained from the Traffic Commissioners or designated bodies such as a local authority and various national charities or church organisations.

      The service provided must be for their own members or for groups of people whom the organisation serves. The service must not be provided to members of the general public and the charges made must be on a non-profit basis.

      I hope that answers most questions


  22. thanks bobi for the legal stuff which was quite clear anyway, the points i would like made clearer are the comments TJB made over payment for"consultancy" and "expertise" etc. How much are these trips going to cost and whats the payment for.

    Every other trip anyone makes over the channel is 100% clear with no confusion, i would hope this is the case with the social club.

    i'm only asking the question anyone would want to know, so far its not clear. there is following regulations and following regulations

    It's a great idea hopefully SH can pop in and give us more details

  23. Thanks Bobi.

    SH is currently on another planet. Bobi knows a lot about this. Anything Bobi says is probably right, I know SH has been conferring with him.

    This is not a way of making money. First priority is to comply with the law. (We've got enough trouble!) The second priority is to not lose too much money.

    It should be clear to anon by now, that SH is not in this game for money. (If this blog is all a scam, it's a bloody well-prepared one!)

    We are very aware that Customs monitors this blog.
    This bus will be completely legit. There will be no profit.

    There will be fun. And people will exercise their rights as EU citizens, as the Government intended.

    1. As a purely paper exercise I did for SH the cost per person from the North to Adinkerke via Chunnel worked out at £28 to £32 per head depending on what was put in the kitty for maintenance and depreciation. Ferrets £30. It also depends on a full(ish) bus but I can't see that being a problem at these prices. We will need to see what it costs to keep the bus on the road.....

  24. I was wondering if there is a rough estimate of when the bus will be ready to go.
    John Gibson

  25. "worked out at £28 to £32 per head depending"

    ...does that include biccies? Seriously, at price the bus should be standing room only.

  26. yes it included tea and biccies (still to be decided on hot water supply) the bus will have to be full and run twice a week to keep prices that low, but as I said in the exercise we should be able to get that sort of numbers one run via chunnel one via Hull, and hopefully no big bills until the kitty is built up.
    As for when its ready ask SH's engineers

  27. Come on guys you are making me beg for a simple yes or no on the question based on those comments by TJB.

    Does SH or Zaphod expect payment for their services (consultancy, expertise,time) or the information pack from members of the social club in addition to what bobi has mentioned as a guide.

    so far i have asked 3 times and the subject has been ignored or avoided, there is no confusion at all about the social club and no profit.

    this is how it gets messy and muddled as my first comment in the thread mentioned.

    there is either a "fee" or not....simples!

  28. The pricing per head, from the North, to Adinkerke looks very good.

    We are leaving, from South Beds, for the Chunnel shortly and it'll cost about £55 petrol + £25 Tesco Rewards + £3 Dartford Crossing for two of us. Add another £40 for hotel + nice evening meal.

    Better get car packed :)

    1. That reminds me we need to get a Dartcard Chip. Also add to your crossing costs 400 miles of wear and tear on the car and the bus becomes economical even for you.

  29. You want a simple answer, Anonymous 5:50?

    See "Arkell v Pressdram."

  30. Bobi, I think filling the bus at that price should be easily 'do-able'...I'm off to Hoek tonight on a baccy run and that will cost me about ₤120 for the travel....although the saving I make on the tobacco covers the travel cost several times over with biccies and a Mickey D's en route.

    Hell, I've spent ₤36 just on UK DUTY PAID straights since Sunday cos I'm out of EU tubing tobacco.

  31. Bon voyage, BD.

    Me, I'm battling parking ticket number 29 this afternoon.
    Same place, same broken lines.

    This time, they hope to win. The Council is doing this one, and they don't follow the law.
    It's an "Independent" Tribunal, (funded by the Council out of parking tickets!)

  32. Thanks guys, It's quite obvious you want to avoid and ignore questions and be secretive about extra costs.

    This reminds me of dealing with UKBA and their blank faces when you ask them awkward questions.

    It's a shame you can't be honest, if SH or you zaphod want extra money to be paid then that is fair enough, there is no need to be rude or evasive.

    There are honesty issues with this social club, and for that reasons i won't be joining.

    good luck anyway.

    anonymous (chuffy kett)

    1. What extra costs???? There are none, the only 'extras' are depreciation and maintenance its all we're allowed to charge.
      I'll get a definitive statement out of SH when he's back.
      P.S. I'm now off for an extended weekend + in Oostende.
      Don't forget your EHIC card, blog on Belgian nurses when I get back.

    2. Honesty issues? Oh do fuck off Chuffy

  33. The extra coss TJB mentioned and the ones i keep repeating but you and everyone else chooses to ignore and avoid.

    Can i make it completely clear i understand and i'm sure everyone else does too, especially as there has never been any doubt expressed.


    can we now finally stop making comments about the social club profits or fees which was never been in any doubt or asked about.

    for the last time please, i cannot keep returning to the blog to be ignored or have abuse thrown at me.

    question?: is there any other fee or money in addition to the ones mentioned expected from travellers going on the trips for SH or Zaphod for information packs regarding their time, their expertise, or consultancy.

    there is no need for this to get complicated, its a simple request for information and the honest thing is to answer with no dodging.

  34. Good grief! What's going on here whilst l'm away in Espana?

    My priority is getting the minibus 100% roadworthy and that's been done by my mechanics whilst l'm away. The other thing is getting the legal aspect 100% correct ... here and in the EU. One can be sure that if we are confronted by the UKBA/Border Force we shall no doubt be then confronted by their 'friends' the Police who will be looking for anything that is wrong. Passengers have just their goods to worry about ... we have a minibus to consider. We also have the French and Belgium Police to consider.

    The next priority will be the fitting out of the minibus

    After we are satisfied that all these priorities are covered to our satisfaction ... then and only then will we concentrate on the financial aspect of the trips.

    One thing is certain though ... the first trips will be P/O Ferries Hull to Zeebrugge to test out the operation. I sure as hell don't want to be fighting in the Dover courts ... I prefer to choose my own battleground thank you very much!

    Got it now? ... good! Off to a seafood restaurant now so y'all play nice, y'hear?

    1. Just seen Chuffy's comments ... let me make this crystal clear ... the social club will be a non-profit organisation but at this time l have no idea whatsoever how this will be achieved. lt all depends on the legal constrictions we will be under and as yet, we don't know them.

      l don't work on speculation or answers on the legal stuff from the man in the pub or TJB (no offence implied). When l get all the answers from the legal eagles ... then l will know how to go about it.

  35. Well said, SH.

    Everything about the operation, apart from the preparation of the vehicle is speculative at the moment.

    If I add my twopen'oth (to be totally ignored by the organisers of course, if thought unworthy), I could imagine a situation such as this:

    1. Anyone who wishes to use the services of the club (ie. travel on the bus) MUST be a member of the club.
    2. The (annual?) 'membership fee' of the club will cover fixed costs of vehicle; eg. Insurance, maintenance, road tax, etc.
    3. Actual costs for each trip (fuel, parking fees, ferry charges, etc) will be shared among the trippers on that particular trip.

    The basic idea is based upon golf club subscriptions. Everyone who wants to use the golf course at will (ie. be a member of the golf club) must pay an equal share of the cost of maintaining the course, regardless of the frequency of playing. The reasoning is that, if you want the course to be available to you at any time, it must be maintained all the time.

    4. Maintain some sort of 'account' (not necessarily a bank acount)for the benefit of club members and the organisers. The first annual fee needs to be sufficient to cover anticipated cost plus a bit. Thereafter, the fee can be varied depending upon a) the 'balance' of funds in the account, and b) anticipated costs for the next year.

    I hope that this is helpful, but disregard by all means.

  36. You always "walk the walk" SH so l have complete faith in you. ps isn't it your birthday soon? N2D will be 2 yrs old xxxxxxxx

  37. Thanks sh,you have completely ignored my repeated points .

    Good luck shoppers and be sure there will be consultancy fees or something along those lines cos every attempt by me to get someone to from N2d to comment on them has been blanked.

    This is dishonest .

    I fear for naive shoppers who seem to be so gullible they question nothing.

    Good luck anyway

    Chuffy kett

  38. Will Simon Clark, AWT and Lembit Opik be on board, I so look forward to meeting them. I expect they'll want seats up front though, and you might do the decent thing and include a nice Chardannay-Pinot for them at around £40 a bottle with a well stocked choice hamper.

    Only the best for those guys.


  39. Steady on henry the VIP seats are for SH and Zaphod, i would rather be paying them appearance money, their stuff is worth the extra bung.

    Can you imagine it ...simon clark telling us how he dares to smoke a fag every christmas, or AWT and his unhappy tesco appearance.


  40. Not only that anonymous, but Simon Clark is a humourless tit!


  41. I think its time that SH had some payback for the excellent efforts on the site over the last couple of years especially now that he has gone over and above the call of duty and purchased a minibus for us.

    i would have no problems in paying for SH or zaphod to go on the trip and have expenses paid and some spending money too. this should have no connection to the members club with no profit being made ,which is a legal must do.

    i have done some sums for us to kick about:

    16 travellers X £32 (bobi figures) to cover expenses, i would have thought a fair price would be £40 as a minimum so club isnt running close to bankrupcy.

    and then an extra £20 each for one of the boys to have a free trip, a night in a hotel with expenses and spending money anything less than that would be an insult to SH or zaphod in my opinion.

    £60 a run + ferry costs each for 16 on the minibus is small change when savings of £500 are easy which includes advice and 1-1 help which is worth its weight in gold

    well done lads a great effort.



    1. I'd love the social club to be able to charge £60 a trip but we would be seen to be profiteering. We have to keep charges to a minimum to comply with the Section 19 permit.
      The 'average cost of running a minibus is reckoned to be £1.38 per mile Adinkerke is 700 miles round trip + £80 in tolls over a grand a trip, about £65 a head. However we have a cheap minibus (lot lower depreciation charges but higher maintenance) and we do not have to pay commercial (PCV) insurance , diesel costs are the same.

      SO £30 x 16 = £480
      Tolls £80
      Diesel £180 (at Belgian prices)
      leaves £240 for insurance depreciation and maintenance (and tea and biccies)for example tyre wear is calculated at 1.66p per mile it soon adds up; god help us if something major happens like the diff fails.
      Although we are not a PCV we are obliged to maintain the minibus as if it were. This bus is going to be marked for checking by every government agency going..I even expect HMRC to pull us for 'chip fat' and 'red' diesel.....It has to be maintained in excellent working order.

      Until we have a complete handle on costs, and see what the demand is its all speculation.
      Like I said its a paper exercise....

    2. p.s. I can't add up it leaves £220 for tea and biccies.

    3. bobi, the social club would not be charging £60 a head, the social club would not be profiteering or seen to be doing either. the social club would charge £40 or £30 as you posted

      i believe that SH and zaphod should be given £20 a head as an extra payment from for their time and expertise from members on each trip, this has nothing to do with the social club.

      i hope you understand bobi, there has been several posts made concerning this and you seem to have not grasped these points that a thank you or consultancy payment to SH can be given that has absolutley nothing to do with the social club.

      I'm sure you are not against this idea..or are you?

    4. Couldn't agree more

  42. I'd pay a premium to see Clark up against the boys at N2D! :-)

  43. Try and get Brian Moore to travel with you! That would turn UKBF heads at the controlls!

  44. i would like to see simon clark in a minibus full of smokers smoking..that would be a first for him. He is more of a black cab everywhere type of guy.

    toffee nosed prat...why some regular posters on N2D give him credibilty is beyond me.

  45. I think this thread illustrates nicely why SH doesn't have a Paypal Donations soon as money gets involved...

    Anyways back from the baccy run, stopped by BF of course but kept the tobacco...of always thanks to N2D's 'training'. Couple of points of possible interest came up during the 'chat' and I've emailed SH/the 'ph0d with the vid etc.

    Seems also that several BF Officers had never seen an E-fag before either...

  46. Having shopped at Real Tobacco yesterday morning we were fully primed for UKBA yesterday afternoon.

    The stand-up shouting match I had with Dutch delivery driver, outside Real, improved my mood even more. We were loaded and reversing off parking space when he parked right behind me.

    We had used bay next to loading door and were trapped. When I asked him to let us out I was subjected to verbal abuse and he walked off to shop entrance. At that point I really lost it and was about to follow him into store and create a real scene.

    I think he realised this and moved lorry. Obviously a member of the might is right brigade.

    At Coquelles we were at UKBA kiosk when I got a bit of cramp in right hand. I was exercising it while passports being checked and commented.

    " Have you come far, sir?"

    " No, just from coast near Boulogne"

    " Are you on a day trip?"

    "No, a bit longer"

    He could obviously see cigs + lighter on swmbo's armrest.

    " Apart from beer I can see do you have any tobacco products?

    " Yes we have 17 cartons of cigs + 2kg of rolling baccy. It's for personal use. We only travel every six months and have documentary proof"

    " Is that 2Kg each?"

    " No that's total"

    I saw him check with another chap.

    " Here's you passports, have a safe journey"

    We drove off smiling at obscene great white stretched limo that was keeping most of their people occupied.

  47. " Here's you passports, have a safe journey" awww that's nice...they don't often remember their old fashioned manners like that.

    My answers at Passport Control were 'less than 24 hours. Shopping. Tobacco. ***kilos. Personal use' and that didn't get me a salute and a 'safe journey Sir'. It got me a 'this Gentleman wants to declare ***Kilos of tobacco' and a 'follow me'.

    Did feel like retorting that I am 1. so NOT a 'gentleman' and 2.had NO desire to 'declare' anything as my tobacco was purchased legally in the EU. But as always, I always know what I should have said...5 minutes after the event.

    The Continentals have a word for that...translates roughly as 'The Knowing-What-You-Should-Have-Said-*After*-You Stormed-Out-Slamming-The-Door-Behind-You-And-Have-Gotten-Half-way-Down-The-Stairs Feeling

  48. One thing I noticed at Real was that every parking place was full. Only one other UK vehicle and all the rest were French.

    My answers at Passport Control were scripted based on past experiences. I was, however, still surprised at not actually being questioned further.

    1. "I was, however, still surprised at not actually being questioned further"

      I bet....I mean you openly confessed to having legitimately shopped abroad and making full use of your right under EU Law NOT to be ripped off by your own government! Do you know no shame,man? :p ...think of the poor poor wee cheeeEEldren who will be freezing in their classrooms this winter because of your missing taxes. Moats will remained undregged and duck houses unrenovated.

      What's more you're funding terrorism and organised crime. :p

    2. John the nadger...well done for sailing past UKBA, but don't get too confident as another day the bastards may ambush you with some trickery.

      These sneaky bastards know full well you will show up again sometime and they can fight another day.

      well done.

    3. Just thinking - it's 56 years ago that I first had suitcase inspected by UK Customs at Heathrow. We'd been to Paris and I had prog for nude show in my case :) Well I had just come out of forces after 2 years NS.

      Will be bringing same amount of baccy back in November. Travelling in own car one needs to be sensible and we've now brought same amount through twice since advisory was drastically reduced. 30 minute stop and no stop.

      When I was chatting to staff at Real they did say that reduced figure is scaring some people into buying less.

  49. I agree Blocked Dwarf when money gets mentioned things get awkward, but to come on the thread like Bobi has done and pretend the comments about money regarding SH and Zaphod do not exsist or mean something else is a shame.

    Let's have some straight talking here (are you reading this Bobi?) the social club cannot expect the calibre of SH or zaphod who let's face it are travelling legal eagles, the best in the business to babysit and hold hands with newbie shoppers on every trip, when its their time , their minibus, their expertise we are talking about.

    £20 a head per trip or £10 each if both boys show up is a gesture thats fair and will have nothing to do with the social club whatsoever.

    The website content is free, the social club prices are as cheap as chips, but to expect SH or Zaphod to be included on these trips for nothing is just plain wrong.

    these guys have done a great job and will hopefully keep the UKBA at arms length for shoppers, these shoppers will probably only go on the service once every 6 months.

    Do you really expect the boys to turn up twice a week and give up their lives, their time for nowt, becasue thats what it seems like you expecting Bobi.

    1. Not really but because of the Section 19 permit we have to be careful in what we charge and what for.
      SH has posted that the legal eagles will get involved in the set up.
      The penalties for running the Social Club 'for profit' are quite severe and no-one wants that.
      The only payment allowed is an honorarium to the drivers, not even based on minimum wage.....and not costed other than driver goes 'free'
      What you want to do outside the social club set is to be applauded, but it has to be a side deal


  50. Thanks bobi. as long as this side deal is understood by all travellers because any awkward last minute demands for money or some travellers paying and others not ,fucks the runs up big time.

    i have been on one or two car sharing runs where gentlemans agreements made verbally between mates suddenly becomes forgotten or mis-understood and then the shit hits the fan.

    1. We won't be using the mini bus but I have been following this thread with interest.

      It does seem that there are enough hardened cross border shoppers involved for there to be one on every trip.

      You can't expect SH & Zaphod to be around holding peoples' hands all the time.

      I'm sure that they'd be the first to admit that they don't have magic wands that will guarantee getting a luck pushing idiot past UKBA.

      Travelling in one's own vehicle teaches one the need to be sensible and, without wishing to be a spoilsport the same rule has to apply to people on the bus.

      Just done my sums on our run - Savings against Tesco prices £807. Travel costs - Tesco £25.90, Fuel £45 and Dartford £3 = £73.90 Hotel was £39.

      Add to that about £12 saved on tubes and a useful saving on beer.

      @Payback - we were fortunate to share, for years, with a couple who drank wine and didn't smoke.

  51. Just one thought, Could there be a limit on the amount each person brings back due to space on the bus.

    Its a great idea and keep up the good work guys you are doing a fantastic job.


    1. That will apply to beer/wine because of weight restrictions not the baccy


  52. Hi Guys, l want to be part of this so l sent you some money for the magic bus. Sent you an e-mail on your personal account SH, See you after the summer. Love ya xxx

  53. Afternoon guys, Hows the bus coming along.
    Thanks Garry.

  54. Will the advice that will be available to passengers on how to deal with UKBA, be allowed? Is there not a concern that UKBA, upon seeing this, 'play games' with us?

    Also, will there be the opportunity for those passengers that are not in possession of a recoding device, to borrow one? We should all know that UKBA will try to obstruct each other from offering advice to fellow passengers.

  55. The minibus will carry ALL relevant documentation when on these trips and will be available to all.. There is no question of such being 'allowed' ... they cannot do otherwise ... period!

    We will, as always, be abiding by all the current regs and laws. lf UKBA/Border Force do attempt to 'play with us' it will ALL be recorded and appropriate action will be taken.

    We are looking at cheap recording devices for our passengers.

    Not only can they not obstruct us offering advice to passengers but where it is necessary, the passengers will be accompanied if so requested.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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