Belgium Tobacco Price Rise

"As of 1 January 2012 there  was a €1.539 per Kilo +VAT(21%) in hand rolling tobacco, other rates stayed the same.

This will add approx €0.10 per 50gr pouch although many manufacturers have taken the opportunity to up prices further.

In order to comply with EC Directive 2010/12 The MINIMUM Tax on hand rolling tobacco has been raised from €43.13 per Kilo to €47.

This will have a disproportionate rise of €3.87 + VAT on the cheapest brands around €4.80 per Kilo (€0.24 per 50gr pouch)

So The cheapest brands @ €3.90 per 50 gr pouch will rise to at least €4.15. Twist Tobacco have already announced price increases to €4.20 on their €3.90 brands. All others will follow  suit. 

                                                                                                                       Bobi "

Prices are starting to come through now.


  1. *edit Got the math in that previous post wrong, can you delete it please?

  2. In Ostend Wednesday 8th February
    Amber Leaf 5 EUROS ..50 GRAMMES

    Golden Virginia 5.50 EUROS
    Sea water froze on ferry deck on
    Return crossing
    Were we few,we happy band of brothers,we real Britons ,we laughing Saxons ,were we bothered,
    were we hell, we were and so will
    we remain,defiant,rebellious as long as true blood flows through our arteries unlike the urine which dribbles through the veins
    of the unseen chatterers.

    The Unbowed

  3. So the price of a pouch in Belgium is going up a few cents? Hardly makes any difference because come the Budget a pouch here will no doubt go up to ₤16 or more. The obscene levels of UK duty mean that EVEN if tobacco went up by a few euros a pouch it'd still be worth buying abroad.

  4. Not much of an increase, but an increase none the less.
    Anon - we missed you by two days.

  5. l agree with you SBC prices will be in the 7 quid bracket for cigs too. My family and friends who don't smoke always bring back smokes for our lot that smoke. They aren't gifts either, they get paid for what they cost. The law says this is illegal but stuff 'em.

  6. l'll go with that anon 15.12

  7. Prices were down last week in Adinkerke by 10p per pouch. eg GV @£4-50. It's the first adjustment though since the pound went from €1-09 to €1-20. Even my cheapo brand was down from £3 to £2-90

  8. i hope you are wrong anon 15.12, in any case the prices shown by anon 1958 are still very decent.

  9. "i hope you are wrong anon 15.12"

    I think he was talking about UK prices and, in which case, some brands are already over ₤7!

  10. A small increase compared to U.K. ongoing taxes. There will always be sufficient differential to make it worth a trip to 'stock up'. I can't think of any other product which attracts as much 'cross border' purchase activity - and subsequent loss of revenue to HMG - because they are so greedy in the first place !

  11. The stupidity of all the governments we've had is beyond belief. lt would be so simple to put our prices on a par with such as France. At a stroke the issue of cross-border shopping then diminishes.

    Customs still have the mindset of pre EU trade where imports of Excise Goods was cast in stone. You had an allowance of 200 cigarettes etc and that was it ... period. Nowadays Customs still try and impose that mindset upon free trade within the EU. To do this they ignore peoples rights, presumption of innocence etc and then use tactics that would normally be found in a Banana Republic.

    They even have the nerve to say that they protect revenue by these actions. They actually issue figures for the revenue protected ... l kid you not. Customs issue a statement every year saying they have protected revenue and actually give it a figure. Last one was £195 Million l believe. Protect what??? this figure doesn't exist ... they've protected sweet FA. There is NO £194 Million ... it simply does not exist!

    So come next budget cigarettes and tobacco prices will rise by just under 10% putting cigarettes into the £8 bracket and tobacco £16+. Expect to see at airports the likes of WH Smith with cigarettes priced at £10.

    The Health Fascists are intent on doing the same with alcohol AND reducing the alcohol content in drinks. The booze cruise is again on the horizon.

    Successive governments have NEVER had the balls to stand up to the health fascists and lobby groups. They would rather be seen to be giving out the 'right message' and then have the nerve to whinge and moan about a 'problem' that is of their own making ... cross-border shopping!

    We're the bad guys in their eyes for not paying extortionate UK prices like good little drones. lt infuriates them that we have the nerve to use our rights as EU citizens to actually use free trade. Something again THEY created!

  12. Can you imagine the outcry, if the price of a packet of UK cigarettes came down!! Like Smoking Hot, I'd love to see it and having thought through their previous actions, and where it's landed them, I'm sure HMG Treasury would love it too. But rather than admit other EU countries are mopping up tobacco taxes which could be in the UK coffers, the UK government will insist the UK is 'in step' and all the other EU countries need to catch up!! The alternative would be to stand up to the defenders of the public morals / health.....and that's not going to happen is it ?

  13. "next budget cigarettes and tobacco prices will rise by just under 10% putting cigarettes into the £8 bracket and tobacco £16+"

    All of which makes the actions of certain ferry companies even more financially suicidal! By rights there should be standing room only on ferries to France and the Benelux...with 4 weeks advanced booking for 'steerage' class.

    Hell if I were running P&O I'd be offering "Give Us Yer Feckin Money NOW" Air like prices and Stena linesque smoking facilities. Ferries would make more than enough from their own shop and and entertaining/catering for passengers.

    FOREST may or may not protest feebly about the price hikes in the coming budget...with all the passion and throbbing commitment of a lady shave but they won't tell people how to circumnavigate the obscene UK duty levels safely. Therefore Simon is, by omission, in cahoots with the Treasury.

  14. Lets get some plain talking on the
    tabletop.Lets cut the crap
    Anyone who still patronises British Pubs and clubs and buys tobacco in British shops,they are
    little more than Judas,Quisling and Lord Haw Haw wrapped up in one
    big White Flag with a sprinkling of White Feathers for good measure.
    Let us seek out the Eagles,however few and ditch the waffling weasels and chattering parrots.
    As said before some of the so called "libertarian" sites are just harbours for Pinkies and junkies.

    Not done yet.
    Wanted urgently ..A smoking Caeser

  15. I had some discussions on a blog with someone some time ago. I think that we figured out that average number of fags per smoker worked out at something like 14 per day.

    So figure it out:

    For a person who smokes 10 or less per day, it is hardly worth while making a special trip abroad specifically to buy fags. One purchase of 3650 (18 x 200) fags per year will cover them for the year. But it is also quite likely that many people cannot stand the outlay involved to buy the fags in addition to the cost of the holiday, in which case they might well be happy to buy only 800 or so. They might well be happy to pay the £3 per day for 10 fags for the rest of the ear. I remember very well having that sort of attitude several years ago - the couple of hundred fags that I brought back from holiday with me was a sort of bonus.

    On the other hand, people like herself and I, who smoke 40 per day each are in a different ball game. Since we can afford to holiday abroad three or four times a year, it is more than worth our while to purchase ALL our fags abroad. In effect, all our holidays are free.

    I think that it is the 10 fags a day man that the Gov relies upon for its taxes. I suspect that the demand (the 10 per day man) is pretty inelastic, and that, despite the huffing and puffing of ASH ET AL, the Gov knows it.

  16. "I think that it is the 10 fags a day man that the Gov relies upon for its taxes"

    10 fags a day? That's barely a 'smoker' let alone a 'man'. That's not addiction, that's a hobby.

  17. Leg iron has excelled himself again on this very topic.

    Its a must read. Strangely enough I'd noticed that Tesco's no longer sell light fluid when I went to order some the other clean a camera with...Eldest Useless Object stole and flogged my Zippo years ago to feed his diet coke addiction.


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