UKBA Operations Manual now online

After being offline for gods know how long for "updating", the UKBA Operations Manual is finally up.Link Here. However, at a first search l can find virtually nothing about Excise Goods. What l did find is a page on Excise Interviews and boy oh boy, it's a complete joke. Here have a read :-

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So for all you folks that are bringing in tobacco and cigarettes for your own personal use, the UKBA have decided that because they cannot store tapes correctly NO interviews under Civil Law will be recorded. The tapes and recorders will still be there for Criminal Cases for such as drugs but NONE for anyone stopped and interviewed regarding Excise Goods such as tobacco/cigarettes.

Which translates as because we had treated some of you badly now we will treat all of you the same .... badly!

They must use different tapes for Criminal Cases! Civil Case ones must self-destruct or something.

The one gem in this notice is that it states that the officer should record the interview accurately and in FULL. This means no paraphrasing, no cherry picking .... it means in full .... that means verbatim!

So us cross-border shoppers will carry on looking after ourselves :-




  1. Thank Christ we've got you guys!

  2. So the more bloody-minded amongst Us could be adding more & more to Our S of T & reading it out during 'interview' to watch their pencils smoke!!

  3. SH - how are you doing with Part 3?

  4. Junican ... we're very busy at the moment with a UKBA Condemnation Case set for 30th Jan. Also we've got the Rock n Blues weekend 27,28 & 29 Jan to fit in so Part 3 will be a bit late l'm afraid ... but it will come! :)

  5. Good luck with the case.

    We can wait.

  6. Help needed...
    you've seen this appeal for Chris Carter in Ireland who is due to hand himself into the police for imprisonment on Saturday morning? we've reached £767.30p but need another monkey (£500) asap. All details are over at all assistance very much appreciated.

    Phil J

  7. If anyone else is at the Rock n Blues weekend, Skegness, get in touch and say hello.

    Not much time for chat though, busy with this condemnation case for monday, plus my next parking ticket, (plus a bit of enjoyment?)

    I need a break. This weekend was supposed to be it!

    And don't ask about work! Not even enough time to keep up with the guvvies!

    Grumble. It's all go, innit?

  8. SH, This is indeed not so bad news, It will mean that a Judge or a Sheriff shoud pay more importance that the Assistant Officers notebook should be equivlent in value to a tape recording, FULL will mean FULL accurate will mean ACCURATE.
    I shall use this in my case.


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