.... And They'll Call This Justice?

It's been a long time since we were in court for a Condemnation Case brought by the UKBA/HMRC. Our own fights with UKBA/HMRC have never reached this stage as we've won them all before it got to court.

Even a blind man could see that the couple have no case to answer and there is no evidence whatsoever against them. Just a formality then? .. they'll go to court and justice will be done and they'll get their goods back, right?

Well er, no actually. Firstly the UKBA refused to supply photocopies of the officers notebooks. Then, about a week ago, one of the couple fell ill and was bedridden so they applied for an adjournment. They supplied doctors sick note and diagnosis to accompany the request for an adjournment. lt was refused!!!!!!!

We expect the same response for the request of a McKenzie friend (they can't afford legal representation)

So, this person has to drag himself out of bed, doped up on medication and then attempt with the aid of walking sticks to drag himself into court knowing he has lost a week that he was virtually unable to prepare for the case ... and they call this justice?????

We've got someone to record by shorthand the whole case because we fear the worst. We'll then publish the whole damn thing for you to see and judge for yourselves if this is justice.


  1. I am just curious to know how it has got to court. Have the couple taken the UKBA to court or are they accused of something?

    If you can't say, that's ok. Good luck anyway.

  2. SH This is truly disgusting, Was it the Home office in-house solicitors who are prosecuting the condemnation or a private law firm? Raking in Thousands of pounds of public money for this draconian nonsense, As you know my case in Ayr and involving an individual Kevin Lazzerini who supports the grand title of Assistant officer has taken up one full day of time at Court number 5, but been adjourned to 27th February where two more full days of court time has been reserved for the hearing of the evidence, Which amounts to the illiterate scribbling of illiterate Assistant border officer.
    I still think there are spin-offs from Private Law firms to bent Civil Servants for allocation or directing this sort of work their way
    No SH it was not a 45 foot trailer filled with cigs, But 3kg of Golden Virginia, Less than a third of RYANAIR’s cabin baggage allowance, Estimates are that when this is all done and dusted the UK Taxpayers will have forked out £20,000 to Shepherd & Wedderburn solicitors to legalese the UKBA burning my “Baccy” Rather than letting me burn the stuff myself between my fingers.
    But it’s not done and dusted just yet, I may still win the day because SH
    No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar, So said the bold Abraham Lincoln

  3. UKBA are bar stewards of the highest order.
    Surely you are entitled to get a copy of the officer's (ha ha) notebook, after all they will be using that in evidence so u are entitled to it. If the person brought evidence which wasn;t given to UKBA solicitor they would soon stop that from being used in court. I just hope the said person can afford to take them to a higher court with the evidence about his illness etc. UKBA really piss me off making the rules up to suit themselves all the time


  4. Just had a horrible thought, I wonder what would happen if a black homosexual had to go to court to get his tobacco back, or would it even get to court, just thinking!!

  5. Trouble is SH nobody cares, From the MPs to the man in the street, unless it happened to them, no one gives a hoot what the robbing scum do.
    I speak to people, They say things like, "I don't smoke so it don't affect me"
    In Motherwell the reply is "I buy my tabs from the Barraland market at £6 a pouch" When asked if it's real the reply is often "Nah it's no real but SURE IT'S STILL something ta smoke" No realistic answer to that,
    So again we see the Goonies of the UKBA are the fakers and the professional smugglers BEST FRIEND.

  6. A word in yer shell-like ears - in terms of useful tools I suggest you have a look at "Conspiracy to Defraud" ( a beaut - really...) and "Misconduct in Public Office" (Entirely applicable)

    Happy to provide guidance.


    Apparently they are, check Pat's blog.


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