Once More We Sail to the Lands of Cheap Tobacco and Alcohol

.... to meet old friends and new friends ... and perhaps foes, old and new, also. Looking forward to it very much.  Had a great time last outing, met some great people who became friends and l expect the same this time round.

We shall see how much stock PO Ferries have onboard this time. l can't remember the last occasion they had full stocks ... maybe they'll do better seeing it's Xmas :)

Some  All of the girls are going Xmas shopping so l hope their guys can escape. Bucko would've loved this trip ... all the shops open and Mrs Bucko happily visiting them all. :) Anyway it should be very festive with all the decorations. Wonder if the UKBA will be getting into the spirit ... or is that getting the spirit?

Anyway, got to get on ... last minute preparations and all that, including checking the film crew are thoroughly prepared.

See ya m'hearties!


  1. Enjoy. Wish I could be with you but hope for a trip early next year fingers crossed.

    as I recall P&O only had Dark blue Drum in stock last time but don't know about cig brands.

    Don't forget your kettles and extension to plug it in with continental socket adapter if like me you're a wimp when it comes to drinking alcohol.

  2. The ladies will love the Christmas market. Watch your wallet boys! lol

  3. The Old Comptemptibles
    ( The Northmen)
    will be on parade (aft red deck) 9pm.
    Sadly this may (after 50 years)be
    the last cruise on this route for
    our gallant few.
    Paddy O'Ryanair has kindly started his cheap flights to the Ardennes
    £12 Return from Manchester
    I first crossed the North Sea in
    August 1961 with a big bunch of
    Brit Squaddies on my civvy way to
    Berlin.Stopped dead in my tracks by
    start of the WALL (DDR),now I see
    better dressed Neo Marxist control freaks filching the freedoms England once took for granted..Even worse, we are surrounded by cowards and Judases who hide and whimper,invisible and unworthy,keyboard Spartans and
    Gigabyte Templars

    Make mine a Bass

    The Northmen

  4. Love the way you announce when you're going and where you'll be. Kudos

  5. Looking forward to meeting you all, can't wait. The only thing I am not looking forward to is standing on the deck in a 30mph gale trying to smoke a cig or 10 in the middle of the night. Ho hum, the things we put up with as smokers.

    All aboard me hearties!

  6. We'd be quite happy for the UKBA officers to come over and join us if they are onboard. l'm sure they'd be on expenses so a round or two wouldn't go amiss. These officers are just under orders to do what they do although some of them do love it. The ones who orchestrate it are the real enemy. They stay hid in their lvory towers though! :)

  7. Take pictures of the windblasted smoking deck and also of whatever smoking stock is in 'shop' to update the P&0 article in the header bar.

    Have a great trip guys, girls and Zaphods :p

  8. Yeah, l intend to SBC. It needs a documentary m'thinks.

  9. Think you could get it on Panorama?

  10. Have a good one! I wish I could be there but I'll have to wait for the next one.

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