Baccy Cruise 2 ... Mission Accomplished

Another great baccy cruise, excellent fun and met some new friends. Special mention has to go to Ziggy who drove all the way from Germany, took the ferry to Hull on the 5th of December just to come with us on the 6th December!

lt was a bit of a shock meeting Ziggy onboard as l was not expecting Ziggy to be a female. Don't know why but l'd just assumed that Ziggy was male (Patsy, you could've warned me!). Ziggy wasn't German either, she is Australian/German ... and great company she is too. We think you're a diamond!

Whilst l'm at it, l must mention some other fellow rebels of merit too ... Junican (including his own brand of cigarettes), Regular Tripper, Tom, Cobber, Shelley and Dave, the 2 Pandas and last but not least ... Visigoth and the Northern Hordes. Mustn't forget (l'd be in trouble if l did) to mention two special ladies who filled in at the last moment to take up 2 cancellations ... my mum Kath and her friend Joyce!

We made lots of other new acquaintances but alas l've forgot their names ... l put this down to the lateness of the night and amount of JD consumed by then :)

Bruges was lovely with it's Christmas market and ice rink. Although the weather was quite chilly the sun was out and very enjoyable. The sailing back to Hull was ... let us say ... an experience for a lot of the passengers. We had Force 8/9 gales to contend with. For those of us who were seamen it was of little consequence ... alas for others, it was something they will remember. We'd had a taster of the weather to come on the wayout to Zeebrugge and Tom was not impressed ... less so on the way back!

Everyone brought their goods home safely. UKBA were there in numbers but none of our crew were harassed and neither did they want my Merc in the Sked Sheds! So no disasters, unless you count Joyce giving Cobber a seasick tablet that turned out to be a strong sleeping pill. heh heh.

Sorry l couldn't spend more time with individuals as l wanted to.... but whilst l played at host, Zaphod once again filled in admirably. lt was also nice of Bucko to ring us and wish us well ... and on his birthday too!

So thanks everyone .... great to meet you ... must do it again sometime! Soon!

As for P&O ... more on that later :)


  1. heh heh heh - I thought Ziggy was male too until I saw her profile pic. Wish I could have made it to meet her too. Pleased all went well. I will join the next trip

  2. Both myself and Zaphod were glad we met her ... loved her company.

  3. Glad you're all back safe and sound :)

    Strange that the UKBA didn't stop you..unless..unless...have you been letting Zaphod play with the boot polish again...and your mom brought tea cloths? :P

  4. lt may have something with me going into Hull HMRC/UKBA to see their boss Lyn Watson before we went. :)

    Also mum would've protected us anyway. Although the downside is she insists on calling us by our full christian names ... as mums do! lol

    Use her tea cloths? ... god forbid! that's sacrilege!

  5. So pleased to have met you. What a great site. Thanks for all the help. D&S

  6. Absolutely brilliant trip, loved every minute of it,including lying in my bunk to get some sleep and my internal organs getting "air time" - no I didn't throw up, I slept through the whole thing, storm? what storm? Thanks to Tom for letting me share his cabin, I never got the chance to say cheerio to him.

    When I first met up with SH, I took one look and nearly said "You are SH and I claim my five pounds" But I resisted the temptation as it was windy and you know how accidents happen at sea.

    And nobody believe a word SH says about being drunk, the man has hollow legs and seemed perfectly sober all the times I saw him.

    Still, back home now with my cigs, coffee and La-Z-Boy (nowever they spell that thing), now this is civilised.

    Thanks go to Visigoth for showing me the tram system, €3.00 for an all day tram ticket is an absolute bargain and I went all the way down the coast to Adinkerke, takes a while and I missed out on buying my chocolates but I got everything else I went for, and Mrs RT will be happy that I got the baccy she likes (christmas will be a little closer to peace on Earth). Coming back was a bit hairy though, a damn bit chunk of something flew off a lorry and nearly landed on my bonnet, cue heavy braking and swerving in pouring rain and gale force winds on the M62.

    Look forward to meeting you all again.

  7. "she insists on calling us by our full christian names ... as mums do! lol"

    Not just a Mom 'thang'. Eldest-Useless-Object-And-First-Fruit-Of-My-Loins-With-Enough-Metal-In-His-'Boat'-To-Sink-A-Boat knows when he's in the Hundehaus - he gets addressed by his full German Xian names cos...

    ...sometimes you just NEED more syllables to be disapproving!

  8. That was a good trip, with excellent company. :-)

    I don't understand why we get so many "characters" on these trips. Aren't there any normal people out there? Or do you have to be slightly odd to get involved with us?

    I'm exhausted now. It's only on these trips that I get so spoiled for choice, lots of interesting people with interesting stories. any one of them would be ample entertainment.

    Thanks for joining us, Guys and girls. :-)

  9. Visigothic Troop back in Mancunian
    Gulag in good heart and kit bags intact
    The angry salty storm and lashing spray awakened in my aging soul the
    vision of past Britons for whom this would have been nought but a pleasure Like eager wolves we manned the storm swept decks not caring little of those who would rather surf the broadband emptiness. We were not many,yet a few with an heart are worth more than a thousand on a cosy keyboard I could not drink to much in case I had visions of Audrey Hebburn look alike smoking Valkyre lifting me into some smoke filled Valhalla tavern.Back to Earth,next week the big bird to Wallonia for a night in the"soissant-neuf" bar
    of many many pleasures
    Thanks to all who made the effort.....remember
    Keep right on to the end of the road

    The Horde

  10. My hubby is still laughing at when you told me how to walk in the storm. Spread your legs you said hee-hee. Thanks for your help on buying our tobacco.

    Margaret x

  11. That was a fab trip!!!

    You're all trippers, made me feel right at home :).

    And, damn, I didn't know I was this cool - LOL :).

    Ziggy ;)

  12. What a great time was had. I met some really nice people and will definitely be on the next one. a special thanks to Steve for the ride into Bruges and back. It is amazing what knowledge you can pick up. I wonder if i will ever get my sea legs at all !!


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