Tobacco Seized from N2D by UKBA/HMRC

We've been looking at UKBA/HMRC stats so l thought it's about time we did our own N2D stats for EU Cross Border Shopping. These stats are for both me and Zaphod but also include friends and family etc we've helped and advised. The period is from 2001 - 2011. All seizures and attempted seizures were amounts over the guidelines.We haven't included any of the Appeals we've helped with from contacts to this site.

These stats are our own personal stats:-

UKBA/HMRC Seizures against N2D and Co

Seizures  9      Appeals  9         Won  9       Lost  0
(Note:- in only 1 of these Appeals we won did we not get back the Excise Goods (Sked Factor). This is still subject to ongoing legal action against HMRC as the compensation offered was derisory in our view)

UKBA/HMRC Attempted Seizures against N2D and Co
(Note, we class an attempted seizure as a stop and search that goes past the Initial Interview and onto the full interview interrogation that includes commerciality statement and the A-J's. UKBA/HMRC policy, as stated in the High Court, is that any stop and search that reaches this stage ... a seizure is expected)

Attempted Seizures     35


Complaints to UKBA/HMRC

Complaints   10   Satisfactory  1   Unsatisfactory  7  No Response 2
(One of these is now with Ombudsman and ongoing)


FACTOIDS! (looking for support)
(Note:- 'Requests' are just not one letter/e-mail. ln many cases it involves numerous correspondence)

Tobacco Companies

Requests  14  Satisfactory  1   Unsatisfactory 1 No Response 12

Tobacco Shops Belgium

Requests  13   No Response 13

Ferry Companies

Requests  15  Satisfactory  3  Unsatisfactory  2  No Response 10


Request  6     Satisfactory  0    Unsatisfactory  4     Ongoing  2

Large Freedom/Libertarian Blogs/Websites

Requests 18 Satisfactory  3    No Response 15

Foreign Office, British Embassy BG Bulgarian Customs

Requests  14  Satisfactory   4  Unsatisfactory  8  No Response  2

Independent  UKBA Inspector

Requests  3 Unsatisfactory  1   No Response  2


You're having a larf!



  1. Fuk! that's impressive!

  2. Somewhat sobering when you see it all laid out like that...the lack of 'support' I mean.

    Long ways to go yet I fear and 'the grey goose is gone'.

  3. Wow! There's some fascinating stats when you put them together.

    These are just the figures for us and ours, not all the people who SH has helped through the blog.

    Interesting, a very high success rate over retaining and recovering goods, but a pretty low success rate at getting satisfactory apologies and answers.

    What used to be known loosely as "Complaints Departments" and "Customer Services", is now operated by people who have been trained in fobbing off criticism and questions. It should be called "Customer Evasion".

  4. Large libertarian blogs...suppose your e.mail got lost in my HUGE correspondence then! lol
    Ji m8, can you do me a favour and change the url on my linky for a new one, I have moved to a new web host the new addy is
    thanks !

  5. Or maybe it was because you were WITH us on the ship Nominedeus! :)

    link done!

  6. On a more positive note regarding 'support'

    Our youtube

    is now approaching 34,000 views and SBC's FOI and our tobacco calculator are rapidly approaching 500 downloads each

  7. Course you wont get any support SH. Stealing a 100 vehicles pw and robbing 1300 people pw isn't an issue. Simon sez!

  8. "
    is now approaching 34,000 views and SBC's FOI and our tobacco calculator are rapidly approaching 500 downloads each"

    That is indeed happy news. The more people who use an SOT+SBC-FOI+RECORD, the sooner the UKBA will realize that the game is up.

    We now have the weapons to force them to play by the rules. If only the Voice of The Smoker would recover from his laryngitis...

  9. I'm a bit confused about the blog support thing SH. Just tell me in an email at then I'll put things right. It's long overdue for me to write something about your sterling work.

    Well done all concerned.

  10. Whit???? I was??? did I buy any baccy, I seem to be running low!!!
    Wheres me alzheimers pills ...oh I forgot...where are we now?

  11. No prob with F2C John but will e-mail you anyway. :)

  12. "Or maybe it was because you were WITH us on the ship Nominedeus! :)

    link done!"

    Like the new look Nomine! (even if some on Ranty's site think I'm apparently an Agent of the Establishment-so I've been told!)

  13. SBC ... As an agent, do you use gorgeous babes to seduce your targets in order to get information. lf so, l'll have 2. lf l'm not a target please make me such asap! :)

  14. SH, rumbled at last! The 'C' in SBC does indeed stand for 'Charley' (and who can doubt I am a right one?)...i shall dispatch my Angels hence to combat the trickle of LOLFOOL Rebels with fake karate kicks and rabbit punches.

  15. Don't want those type of Angels sent my way. Need the type of .... mmmmm, let me think now. Ahhhhh getting fond of nights in Bangkok now where l had $1200 to spend in one night ##sigh##. Twas a long night :) Alas my Belgium colleague was not so fortunate. l had left him in the 'right' bar and l'd disappeared into the night with a lady on each arm. He chose to change bars and either it was the alcohol or he forgot my warnings about not all ladies were actually ladies. :)

  16. "he forgot my warnings about not all ladies were actually ladies. :" say that like it is a bad thing...

    *mental note to self: rewatch The Crying Game*

  17. lf ya think that makes me jealous SH youre right but deffo not of your mate. lol

  18. My grammar a bit off tonite cos of JD. Got flu or something so self-medicating. Bangkok has to be the best night of my life. Stayed at Radisson in an apartment that came with a butler. Gave him a load of dollars and told him to go home and see his family ... l wouldn't be needing him. lf l'd died that night l would not have regretted it. ln fact l thought l had died and gone to heaven. At one point (during a well earned break) l text'd my brother in law and asked him what he was up to. Of course he text'd me back saying 'nowt much. what you doing?' My reply resulted in a text back from him just saying 'Fuck off!' Happy Days!

  19. Good job my daughters dont read my blog. lol

  20. " Good job my daughters dont read my blog. lol"

    One of the pieces of 'fatherly advice' i used to give my 3 sons when they left for an evening's debauch was: "Remember Son, SHE was probably conceived at a party I went to"

    ...occasionally that advice had the desired effect....along with the classic "if you wouldn't trust her to program the video then don't trust her to have taken the Pill in accordance with the manufacturers instructions"

    So far we only have one Grandchild...that we know of...

  21. My letter to the Times money section concerning guidelines/allowances was published on Saturday. Got this blog a mention. Expect more visitors.

  22. Thanks Anon, pity it's a subscription site now ... would've loved to have seen it. Shame SBC's Times subscription has just run out! :)

  23. (even if some on Ranty's site think I'm apparently an Agent of the Establishment-so I've been told!)
    Some people just don't take criticism well ...


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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