Well FU Manchester Airport!

I mentioned my experience at Manchester Airport Terminal 3. l was particularly incensed by the human processing plant aka airport security circus and the mindless drones that man it. They even had signs up saying that if you refused to have a bodyscan you would not be allowed to fly.

Well, Manchester Airport Security can take that sign and shove it where the sun don't shine! lf people don't want to use the 'pervert machine' ... they don't have to. For once the EU have done something positive. We have new rules regarding use of 'pervert machines' and the x-ray is banned. l do so hope your 'pervert machines' are this type Manchester Airport Security :)

Yes, l know l'll have to go through other screening if l refuse but believe me .... l'll make you pay!

h/t Schneier   


  1. Spot on N2D
    Manchester Airport is basically a
    job creation scheme for the areas
    comprehensive educated halfwits,slowlearners,
    freaks,nutmegs,lingerers,jellytots and other pre Magnon sub species.
    Worse still,if you wish to observe a species that pre dates hunter-gatherers try a Manchester Tram Stop

    Hillside wooly back

  2. Well Gentlemen I quite enjoy showing off my bits, Well us Irish are VWE.
    I also like the Playa Natura's in Sunny Spain.
    PERVERT Off course I am.

  3. My contempt for the "Airport Customer Prevention" industry is total.
    But this phenomenon is cancerous, it can only grow bigger.


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