##Updated## We is in The Times, dear boy ... The Times, no less! :)

We were asked to contribute to an article in the Times, Money section. The article is about how to keep your tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol when bought in the EU and then have to run the gauntlet of the UKBA. All in all, it's quite a good article and if you're a subscriber to the online version of the Times you'll be able to read it. Unfortunately, we are  not and only have the dead tree version but once our scanner stops sulking we'll put it up (if it carries on sulking we'll visit friends who have one).
h/t David http://www.day-tripper.net/
Right click and open in new window. You can then zoom in. Or use this direct link http://www.day-tripper.net/assets/docs/111126Times.pdf   h/t David again.

This was our full comment before Laura cut it.

" The issue is not the “guidelines” but whether your goods are for a “commercial purpose”. Regardless of guidelines, you can legally purchase as much as you like for your own personal use (including gifts). There is no such thing as “limits” or “allowances” when shopping within the EU.

If you are stopped, do not be evasive about the quantity you have purchased. Anything which UKBA choose to view as deceit, no matter how trivial, will be taken as an attempt at smuggling. Your goods will then be confiscated. Tell the truth about how many times you’ve traveled abroad in the last 12 months, who you are traveling with and so on. UKBA ask you these questions because they invariably already know the answers and are inviting you to “lie”.

Because UKBA use Civil Law and not Criminal, we advise very strongly that you record the entire interview on your phone/camera etc, as is your right (UKBA operational manual). Finally, do not sign the UKBA officer’s notebook under any circumstances." 

Coming Shortly  ... Exclusive!

We are in the process of editing a complete video and audio of an actual stop, search and interview interrogation by the UKBA involving 20,000+ cigarettes. This video is not like the stage managed garbage on programmes such as UK Border Force. This video shows everything as it really is (and what the UKBA don't want you to know) and how the 20,000+ cigarettes went home with their rightful owners ... and NOT confiscated by the UKBA! 


  1. Excellent! The Times no less...Let Simon try and claim that this is only a 'small niche' website now.

  2. Fricking excellent! You guys deserve it!

  3. Truly deserved. Well done

  4. grate work..looking f/word to new video..keep it up.renewing passport..

  5. Superb news indeed and proof that perhaps the media are starting to turn against this pathetic nanny state the majority have sleepwalked into!
    20,000 eh! Oh dear me, I'll bet UKBA will be gnashing their teeth when they see this. Carry on SH, carry on!

  6. That's a very interesting article, for the MSM. A full page, and with more than a hint that authorities are not to be trusted. (!)

    I'd love to believe that it's the start of something...

    If you're a respectable Times reader, here out of curiosity, Welcome! Please come back again later, when the latest UKBA recording is available. This blog actually does stuff, it doesn't just talk.

    By the way, I'm in court again for parking tickets next week. I shall win, as usual. The only question is, how much fun can I get out of it? :-)

  7. Love the quote " - and tips on how to manage an interview by the UKBA"

    Quite surprised the Times would print something like that but obviously they felt confident doing it.

    Well done all round!

  8. Wow, well done!

    You have put in so much work over the last few years, you deserve the recognition!

    Can't wait to see the filmage!!!

  9. Well done SH, let's hope there are more newspapers and TV willing to print or broadcast the truth, I doubt it very much. I cannot wait for the interrogation by UKBA, let's see if anyone has the balls to show it on TV. It should be shown to all our MP's just to show how the British people are treated by UKBA but hang on why would the MP's want to know, they are quite happy letting UKBA steal off us just like they did with the expenses.


  10. Brilliant news people, you deserve the recognition for ALL the hard work you have put in...I am proud to know you!

  11. I wondered if anyone would have a go at SH for consorting with the evil MSM?
    But the whole point of this blog, is to get information out to ordinary people, honest cross-border shoppers. Main stream exposure is vital to that.

    I agree, SH has done wonders. :-)
    I'm proud to have done a bit to help, as have a few others, but the hard work is all down to him.

  12. Congratulations!
    Lets hope this is the MSM starting to realise that if one aspect of our borders and tax agency is rotten then there a need to look at the other duties.

  13. Sorry SH but the scan is too small to read and added to that,Blogger have 'improved' their service again with their stupid and annoying automatic 'lightbox' or 'gallery' function so one can't easily embiggen. But even right clicking and 'view image' doesn't give a readable image.

  14. My bad, now it does

  15. SH, your bit was the best bit in the article! The article itself isn't bad and fairly accurate but far too trusting of the UKBA. Sure one *can* appeal a seizure....

  16. Thanks SBC, I think we come across as the only ones who take UKBA on. We had to look at it from the perspective of Times Money readers and l think we achieved that. Judging by our stats we have had an influx of readers. We just want to get the message out.

    ln that vein we've just sent letters to to quite a few 'names' incl blogs/websites. As you well know, one of the 'names' has totally ignored us already.

    Que sera sera :)

  17. you gonna be a toff like the others now?

  18. "As you well know, one of the 'names' has totally ignored us already."

    Yes the silence from that corner has been deafening...I've checked his blog a few times since you and I spoke. Deafening but not unexpected. However I do wonder if said person's seeming new or re-found energy for the cause of the smoker in general is as a result, or as a reaction, to your shaking him up a bit.

    He does seem to be a bit more active and prominent these days.

  19. Little doggy barks but has no bite

  20. Never say never!

    You have shown a dogged determination that has at times been beyond belief, and you have won through against heavy odds.

    Your plaudits are richly deserved.

    A massive well done!

  21. I take great pleasure in being responsible for alerting the Times to your existence. (My letter published in the money section the previuos Saturday).

  22. "I take great pleasure in being responsible for alerting the Times to your existence. (My letter published in the money section the previuos Saturday)."

    And we, the site regulars, are very grateful that you did. Hopefully the MSM will start to regard SH as the 'goto man', the 'talking head' who does actually know something about the subject...perhaps even nto just about the UKBA but the Smoking Verbot in general.

  23. Anon 16.16

    You deserve the laurels mon ami. Now if we can only get the 'freedom, civil-liberties' sites and the like to spread the bloody message about recording all UKBA interviews and not signing their bleedin notebook ... then we'll get somewhere!

    So far, 70-80,000 victims a year doesn't seem to matter to them!

  24. "Simon posted about you :-)"

    ...probably through gritted, though impeccable, teeth.

  25. can anybody tell me what forest have actually achieved? anything?

  26. "can anybody tell me what forest have actually achieved? anything?"

    Well they are having Xmas cards made up this year....so says Simon.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

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