Reminder! Xmas Baccy Mini-Cruise 6th Dec from £18.75pp

UKBA Officer Scrooge
Well, it's fast approaching festivity time and what better way to start than a baccy mini-cruise to stock up on Xmas smokes and alcohol? :)  Not forgetting Xmas gifts of same for our friends and family.

The last mini-cruise was a great success and we hope this will be the same ... except this time with tinsel and flashing lights!

So come along ... there's still places available. Only £22.50 each for a 2 Berth and just £18.75 each for a 4 Berth. Cheap as chips!

Should be great fun ... even if Scrooge (UKBA) turns up. Zaphod definitely wants Scrooge there ... he's on a mission! :) Ho ho ho!

Booking details etc HERE


  1. Us Northern Barbarians would love to have a knees up with some of our southern kin if they can get away from twitttering for a day or two and dont forget there's free
    Manchester Tarts at 9 on the Poop
    Some of us will
    Some of us wont
    Sums up England I suppose
    Show your defiance,,,get booking

    The Northmen

  2. Sounds brill, l'll see if l can make it

  3. SH, that picture of Scrooge sure looks like the picture of another famous person you showed me recently...uncannily so. :P


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