Now then, now then, now then.

lt saddened me to hear Jimmy Savile has died. l met him on a few occasions as he was good friends with another friend of mine Jimmy Corrigan ... otherwise known as Lord Corrigan. This in itself was an in-joke that he ran throughout his life as his full name was James Lord Corrigan.

Both Jimmys were millionaires but it mattered not to either of them if you were rich or didn't have 2 pennies to rub together ... they treat you no different. lf they liked you, they liked you and that was it. Both were eccentric to the extreme, both grew up around Leeds and both were showmen. They also lived life to the full but also donated many thousands of pounds to charity albeit anonymously.

There are many stories l could tell you about Jimmy Corrigan although some l can't here. Jimmy Corrigan had the amusement complex Coney Island in Scarborough and he ran it as he ran his life ... having fun. He was once in a battle with his competitor over all things One would out do the other time after time until Jimmy Corrigan decided to go the whole hog ... he made top prize a car and ran for free just for the hell of it!

Another time he had a new Mercedes delivered and was set to pay cash. The smiling salesman went up to Jimmy's office to get the payment  but his smile disappeared as he saw the payment was in loads of £500 bags of £1 coins. The salesman told Jimmy he couldn't accept it so Jimmy told him to take the car back but to ring his boss and tell him what he was doing. This the salesman did and  after his boss had finished with him, apologised to Jimmy and then took the money. lt took quite a few trips back and forth to get it all and load it in the salesman's car.

Jimmy did the same thing with the lnland Revenue, who also refused to take the cash. Jimmy then contacted the Chancellor of the Exchequer to ask why the coin of the realm was no good. The Inland Revenue accepted the cash.

Both Jimmys were also smokers and it's a shame that Jimmy Corrigan died in 2000 as he would've relished fighting the smoking ban! It would've given him great pleasure to do so. Believe me he would've taken it on with relish. Sadly it was not to be and no-one with the means and the will were around to step up to the mark ... in the whole of the UK to my knowledge!

The 2 Jimmys are now gone ... and the world is a poorer place for it.


  1. The 2 Jimmys are now gone ... and the world is a poorer place for it.

    Didn't know that Jimmy Saville had died SH. Jimmy has been in my life through telivision since I was a youngster and I admired him in so many ways. I have lived not far from Scarborough for neigh on forty years and never met nor seen him but I wish I could have. I will mourn his death.

    As for the other Jimmy, I too wish he was alive to fight this terrible ban as I think he would have been a better fighter than that other millionaire that resides in London who made his millions out of cross ferry shoppers for tobacco.

    May the both rest in piece with a brandy and a cigar wherever their souls go.

    (Word verification was Parti...I fookin wish lol.)

  2. Jimmy Corrigan once divorced became a firm bachelor, He had his penthouse completely redone and his kitchen had no cooker. He used to say it worked a treat against any of his female companions thinking they could get their feet under the table ... there was no 'l'll cook a meal for you, Jimmy'. He always ate out.

    Many a happy day was in his number 2 office ... sat in the sunshine on the outside council litter bin, having a smoke and watching the skirts go by.

  3. You deffo lived an interesting life SH

  4. Just seen ITV News on Jimmy Savile, he did the same in his kitchen as your mate Smokey

  5. You've liked him Big Yin. He really would've taken the smokerphobes on, fines wouldn't bother him as he'd say something like 'All that national advertising and tv too ... cheap at half the price!'

    Believe it or not, despite being very successful he couldn't read or write. When Space Invaders video game was the craze he asked me to convert one of them to free play and then take it to Scarborough Childrens Hospital. He gave them it along with free service if ever it should breakdown.

    Tel ... hahaha. How's about that then? :)

  6. Found this quote from the SCarborough Evening News SH. He souns like a great guy.

    'Sir Jimmy Savile, who often jogged with Mr Corrigan on the seafront, said: He was a special person with a great deal of hidden kindness.

    He did kind deeds that nobody every knew about. It was the way he wanted it. He will be missed by so many of us.'

  7. I come from Scarboro area and l remember them switching all the illuminations off in honour of him. l never met him but did know an Albert Corrigan in Bridlington.

  8. anon 23.32, That was Jimmy Corrigans cousin. Jimmy was not a big man but Albert was a giant of a man at 6ft 6" and seemed almost as wide but was a gentle giant. His father (also called Albert) was originally in the States where he'd been making a living with a travelling show as a bare-knuckle fighter. He had to flee the States because he killed a man in the ring. Albert has also sadly gone now.

  9. Think l'll have a drink to friends no longer here ##sigh##

  10. You won't believe it but, until it got moderated out, on the MSN comments, someone even had a pop at the fact that Sir Jimmy was a smoker!
    Even the BBC coverage (interview with Tony Blackburn) there was a snide comment by the interviewer about Sir Jimmy at around 1:20 in the interview about "all the cigars he smoked".
    Are there no depths they won't plumb?
    A great entertainer, wish I had been lucky enough to meet him.
    May he rest in peace.

  11. RT ... all the cigars he smoked? How dare he live to be 84! :)

  12. LOL they conveniently skipped over that ;-)

  13. I doubt the Beeb will be showing reruns of Jim'll Fix It somehow...i mean...HE SMOKED ON CHILDRENS TV!


    His armchair even had a built in ash tray, for Christ's sake. Think of the ChildreeEEEn.

    Can you imagine what would happen to any CBEEB 'star' who even admitted to having been in the same room as a cigarrette?!

    It'd be this:

  14. Gonna spark up a seeegar fer the two of them now SH, may they rest in peace!

  15. I worked for James Lord Corrigan at the Carousel Amusement park at Caan-Pastilla in Mallorca for about 2 years... He put me in his Penthouse apartment on the 9th floor opposite the El-CID Hotel, the rent being paid by his company, believe me all the stories you ever heard about James L C are true & some. They broke the mould when he passed away. He was a star....


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