Up to Date Full Scale Map of Cigarette Price Differential in EU and UK

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h/t SBC


  1. I hadn't realised that Alpine-Pisser Land
    (German 'name' for Austria) was much cheaper for straights than the Benelux.

    I have a sudden craving for Sachertorte *goes off to watch another episode of Soko Wien [The Viennese Sweeney] and practice understanding what the fuck they are saying*

  2. "FFS! 90P in Ukraine!"

    ...and let us not forget these are Premium brands (ie Malboro not Red Band)we're talking about here.

    Although if you'd ever smoked Russian cigarettes you'd know why premium brands only cost ₤1.20 a pack. :p

  3. SBC ...Yes, the map makes clear just how stupid the UK Gov is (outdone by the Irish though). All they have to do is put UK prices in line with EU and then most of the crap at our borders would disappear. lt really is that simple.

  4. That little white piece of landmass between Poland and Lithuania is where the Jin Ling cigarettes come from that illegally flood the EU. You can see why the Russians choose here to make them ... vast borders direct into EU and open coastal ports for containers.

  5. "That little white piece of landmass between Poland and Lithuania "

    Has a name and that name is East Prussia and specifically Koenigsberg! The Russians ethnically cleansed the German population after WW2...including my Frau's entire family.

  6. The Allies didn't behave much better SBC. The fate of East Prussia is rarely commented on.

    Your comment about the prices are for premium cigarettes is true. l reckon you can knock 30-40p off the prices for regular brands. l know Bulgaria and Poland are a similar price of around £2.20.

  7. "l reckon you can knock 30-40p off the prices for regular brands"

    Which probably means that in Russia then stuff like Cutters Crap is free when you buy a packet of Rizla....

    Don't know if there is a map for RYO..I'll have to google.

  8. Well well. Treasure Island and Treasure Ireland. Why am I not surprised? I was always impresed at how much further my money went in the USA than in the UK. We are ripped off by business and government in this country. The tax we pay is criminal.


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