Sneaky devious UKBA ##UPDATED##

On Sat the new guidelines come in of 800 cigarettes and 1 kg of tobacoo. Since April 2008 the part of HMRC that was controlling Customs at our borders merged with the BIA to form the UKBA.

So where would you expect a press release to be announcing the start of the new guidelines for all people travelling this weekend? UKBA website 'Latest News' ???

WRONG! It's on HMRC's website 'Latest News' (28th Sep) and when you go to it and and look at the leaflet, guess what agency heading it's printed under? .... yep, UKBA!

UKBA's 'Latest News' ???  ... "Disruption of IT points based system" 

The UKBA bandits are going to be busy this weekend preying on unsuspecting shoppers.

UKBA plumb the depths of deceit again!


UKBA have now put the info on their site! (They visit us most days haha)


  1. "So where would you expect a press release to be announcing the start of the new guidelines for all people travelling this weekend?"

    On the front page of Simon's Blog? Oh my mad, I keep forgetting that this 'isn't an issue'!

    Although his omission is still surprising when you consider he personally bravely campaigned at great cost for the raising of the MILs.... *SNORK*

    v/w SURMICK = an Irish Lord.

  2. "Travellers bringing tobacco and cigarettes into the UK from the EU will need to comply with new MILs of 800 cigarettes and 1kg of hand-rolling tobacco."

    Oh we will 'need to comply' will we? That is a sneaky bit of propaganda. Anyone reading it would be left with the impression it's law...

  3. Yes l agree SBC and totally intentional by UKBA.

  4. only one kilo..its not worth coming next saturday then....Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahaaaaaaaaaa!
    buy you a drink in the bar SH!

  5. Nom ... l hope you mean the Sat after ... the 15th! :)

  6. Anon 11.40

    you obviously know complete fa about the goonies or you are one! tosser!


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