One Way to Avoid Getting Stopped I Suppose


  1. According to speedo reading he's doing atleast 185mph!!!

  2. That's faster than a police helicopter

  3. If its The Ghostrider the bike is probably his turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa, a first generation model fitted with a Turbo kit, they make anything from 250 to 550 BHP at the wheel, depending on whether the engine is stock or breathed on. He also did a lot of fast stuff on a Suzuki GSXR 1000. Sadly Ghostrider was killed in a head on a while back.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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