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It's hard when you're a pirate
..ok, that was a tits here (edit SH heh heh ... adds pic) can google for porn yourselves if you need it.
Just a couple of little things of possible interest but not needing a full piece to themselves.
*Holland For Cheap
*‘Free’Holland ...with every packet of cornflakes
*Prices dans Calais actuellement 

Holland For Cheap
I’m off on a baccy run to Rotterdam this week. Going out on the night ferry and coming back the same day (and if you know Rotterdam you’ll understand why-it’s not so much a ‘City’ as a concrete Port).
Foot passenger ferry (Stena Line) prices from Harwich to Hoek have now gone down to their winter low of ₤34 ish each way and ₤20 for the compulsory cabin on the night boat.

Book with a DEBIT card and save the ₤5 Credit card booking fee.
Book via either of these two sites and save 10%-15% on top. Neither site seems to check whether or not you are a member.

Total cost of my ticket ₤87. Remember that the price of tobacco in Holland is usually the same as in Belgium due to the Benelux and that, even with the cost of my diesel to port and back, even if I were to only bring back ten 140g tins of tubing tobacco the saving alone will have already paid the travel and probably a burger at MC Rotterdam. Of course I intend to bring back a lot more than that.....

Free Holland With Every Purchase
I was boasting to my friend ‘DSL’ online about how I had managed to save myself 15% on the ferry fare (see previous snippet) when he said “You shop at Tescos Online, you could have got it for free”.
A lot of you probably knew that already. I didn’t. They also can be used for the Chunnel.
Of course it isn’t really ‘for free’-nothing in this life is but still, instead of blowing your vouchers on luxuries like food...

Prices Dans Calais 

Had to email the well known english speaking ‘Bar Tabac Brazza’ in Calais today with a query about ‘tabac pour tubes’. They reply promptly to emails and were kind enough to send me their current price list:
They also would like to remind any customers coming from the UK to pre-order at least 2 weeks in advance to be sure of getting the amounts you want.


  1. Once more into the breach dear friend, once more. :)

  2. lnterestingly, after the allied bombers had flattened Rotterdam one of the few remaining buildings was the hotel used by the Gestapo as their headquarters.

  3. is she going on the baccy minicruise? wont she get cold in that red lingerie? lol

  4. In my cabin on the boot working on my SOT...filling in weights etc and doing the math.

    ...heading for the border.

  5. *is shocked by SH's choice of picture*

    I am the sloppy rope winding onboard that pirate vessel... where is the seamanship? (seaman NOT semen -learn to spell, peoples).

  6. Couldnt agree more on the rope winding, and if he isn't actually splicing that 'mainbrace' I will or come to that I will turn a turks head on the spare spar to the left or belay it with a monkeys fist!

  7. Home with my tobacco. Once again the UKBA didn't want to play :(

    Although they DID have a grizzle about my passport -I'd stapled my German Papers inside it and apparently that's naughty cos then they can't scan bad...

    So there I stood at the counter with two video cameras running (btw signs on wall saying 'no video' now), a kitbag full of tobacco and my SOT holstered but within reach while the Sked told me off.

    They did however pull over a few people but they were obviously terrorists....they had beards.

  8. I am not coming if I have to shave....


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