## UPDATED ## BOOKINGS! ... Baccy Mini-Cruise

Bookings can be made from Mon 12th Sept from P&O ... link here 

Book for the cruise sailing on 15th Oct 2011, returning on 17th Oct 2011. Do NOT add extras such as bus transfers to Brugge at this moment in time until we know how many are definitely going. lf need be these can be added later.

lf you are travelling alone .... book for 2 as it is 2 for 1 offer, use any name as it can be changed without charge. This way we can fill these extra places and you get the cost of their fare.

Book as foot passenger, there is parking at the port but we could arrange other parking too.

Let me know you've booked!

Savvy, m'hearties?   See you onboard!


You should be able to book immediatelty after midnight tonight according to P&O

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