Baccy Mini-Cruise 15th Oct £20-25 pp !!! Book Now! We have!

Ok, our crew have booked for the baccy mini-cruise and it's costing £25 pp (2 sharing cabin, £20 pp 4 sharing cabin). lt sails Sat 15th Oct at 18.30 and is back in Hull on the 17th Oct at 08.15.

Book from HERE .... Don't click on Mini-Cruise offer. Book from top of booking page as per pic below. Fill in details as per pic unless 4 of you or taking vehicle. Just alter them details to suit. Don't book bus transfers Zeebrugge- Brugge, Brugge - Zeebrugge yet unless you specifically feel the need!

Some of our crew are taking a vehicle and for them it's costing £37 pp.

For these prices you get 2 nights on the ferry with cabins ... what's not to like????

For all those who said they are coming, now is the time to show that you are not just talking the talk but can walk the walk! Get booking now ... the places are limited and will go fast so don't hang about.

Don't book transfers ... the rest is up to you for such as upgrades in cabins and meals. Those going by themselves should add a name (any name) of a passenger as it's 2 for 1. Let us know you've done it so we can fill the space for you and you get your fare back for it then.


Book here

Your booking should look something like this (click pic to embiggen) :-

Return leg of cruise will show 16th Oct as ship sails all
night an you arrive in Hull on the 17th Oct
Chop chop .... get it done!
See you onboard!



  1. [Off Topic] The smoking petition has just gone over 3000! Only another....*counts on fingers*....uhm...LOADS to go!

  2. Expect most of them to cryoff or go silent Smokey. Walk the walk? no f'ing chance. This country is a nation of wimps with no bottle. Facing "the man" would make them crap themselves.

    l'll be there though and looking forward to it.

  3. Tried to book but can't. It's coming up at £72 for two but ALL dates in Oct are fully booked.

  4. Pah! Finally managed it. All booked for me an my other half on Sat Oct 15 to Zeebrugge at £77 (£81 inc card cost)return Monday 17th.

    See y'all then :>)))

  5. Pat ... what did l say on the blog? "Don't book transfers"

    Have you booked from somewhere else on the link l gave? The mini-cruises perhaps? :)

    Book at top of booking page only and don't book bus transfers Zeebrugge-Brugge, Brugge-Zeebrugge yet unless you feel a need to.

    Pat we can prob give you lift to Brugge so keep hold of bus transfers and we'll try to move them on with others that are going. They are just little tickets for the bus ... no names are on them. :)

  6. I didn't book transfers SH. Dunno why it came up at that price but I grabbed it all the same.

    First time I tried, it came up fully booked throughout Oct.

  7. Cruise still has vacancies, l keep trying them regularly.

    l think you went in through mini-cruises where the transfers are included. Don't worry though cos we'll prob get your £27 back!

    The booking site is pants ...

  8. Cheers SH. Still worth it to spend some time in great company and put two fingers up to UK tax on cigs.

    As long as the dates are right that's the most important thing.

  9. Forget Bruge
    At the Zeebrugge Port Terminal
    a local taxi (WE know)will transfer all to the KUSTBAHN (COAST TRAM) stop 6 euros for 4 people and then a 6 euro day pass
    will get you a pleasant trip
    down the Flanders coast to Ostend where the shops take GBP
    Baccy,skin full ofJupiter(5.4%)
    box of frites,stroll down the prom.Plenty of bar "enclosures" for a muster.
    Info on national expess coaches to follow see later comment on this site
    The Northmen would really like to see more of our southern cousins join us on this FREEDOM CRUISE

    We will fight on the beaches
    We will fight in the bars
    We will fight on the high seas
    We will NEVER surrender

    The Unbowed

  10. Thanks anon 20.55 but l want to see Brugge.

  11. "The Northmen would really like to see more of our southern cousins join us on this FREEDOM CRUISE"

    I think the southerners are rather worried about getting ambushed on the way back down the M1 by the UKBA on the border at Watford Gap Services. The 'North' may not be part of Britain but is part of the EU and having to go through customs twice is a bitch.

    Personally I'd be worried about traversing eskimo-whippet shagger land to get to Hell...oops I mean Hull.

    I'm hoping the Southern Chapter Of The N2Declarers will organise a Freedom Cruise from somewhere in opposed to Hull-which we all know is actually a province of Backwardstan.


    "And knowing the British, it will be a VERY Civil War"

  12. When good men who will fight are all extinct, there is no more civilization.

    No lantern-jawed viragos are going to save you from the barbarian hordes. No mincing nancy boys with Oxford diplomas will stand up for the common decencies: They’re a social construct, dontcha know.

  13. Keeps saying £127 to me!,this is driving me nuts @£20 ish squid I can manage to come but at £127 + fuel there and back I might have enough left over for the frites and a pack of rizla...being a poor student limits ones options...what if anything am I doing wrong? NO I am not booking mini cruises or transfers or 'an extra pillow' in my cabin...

  14. Feck me sideways just changed the form to a single and its £146...

  15. Nominedeus ... l think you're booking for Sept and not OCTOBER. Booking still available. Book for 2 as it's 2 for 1. Put any name down for 2nd passenger and we'll try and fill it.
    Still 50 quid for 2.

    Send us an e-mail as l cant find yours :)

  16. I did it wrong but when I followed SH's instructions to the letter for a friend - it came out at £50 for two.

    There will be me and my other half SH and hopefully my friend and a friend of her's

  17. OOOOpppssss! and I am studying fora degree...theres little hope I suppose.
    Thanks for the help you were absolutely spot on!
    Booked 2 for £50 will be emailing you as soon as I figure out how to do it....any tips? (nah I'm joking) ((can I get back to you if theres a prob?))

  18. No worries Nominedeus ... glad to have you aboard.

  19. ;-) happy to be there m8y, Its time I did sommat to quietly stick it to TPTB other than just blogging, attending courts, protests, sending off affidavits and generally pissing about...time for sommat thats a bit more fun eh!

  20. Yes Nom ... actually being there has that added spice about it.


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