## UPDATE## Time to SHOW you're Fighting Back!

l've had some fun these past two weeks. A friend of mine had some badges made for me. These are professionally made out of metal with a safety pin fastening at the back and are 25mm in diameter. l didn't put any reference to my site because we are all Resistance. There are no leaders, no membership, no head office or anything like that. We only know each other by our blogger names and little more than that but that is where our strength is, isn't it?

We all fight the endless onslaught by government on our civil liberities and freedoms in our own way. We fight on many different issues and all are worthy and have merit. Some, like ourselves, concentrate on a specific issue. Ours is the UKBA and lately a little on parking tickets. Others are more general but just as important. There are those that fight politically and there are those that are activist. We are definitely activist :) Both are of equal importance and both need each other.

The point is, we are ALL Resistance in our own way.

So, back to the badges. Both myself and Zaphod have been wearing them on our jackets and they've attracted attention which has given us the opportunity to spread the word about what we are doing Most people don't really know what is going on because they depend on the MSM for the news and information. We've been able to open their eyes a little and direct them to what is really going on. Of course we've directed them to our site but from there they go onto our links to you guys. Don't get me wrong, we haven't been inundated by thousands. lt's just been a small number but it's people we would never have reached by the internet. We've taken our message out onto the streets and that has to be positive. We've sold a few of the badges too ... even my mother and stepfather have one (l gave them theirs). My stepfather is a Normandy Vet and his badge is now on his RNA jacket along with his medals and other association badges. l'm rather proud of that.

So, l've put the remaining badges up on Ebay here. l only have 25 up on there and 12 at home but if they all go l'll get some more made. Jeez, Ebay know how to charge though, they want insertion fees, then 10% of final price etc and then Paypal want their cut aswell. l've kept the price as low as l can, which is only £1.50 incl p&p.lf you haven't got or don't want to use Paypal, just contact us by e-mail and we'll sort something out.

l'd love to bump into someone in the future wearing one ... that'd be a buzz but regardless of that, we will be wearing ours on the Baccy Mini Cruises in OCT/DEC. Maybe others going on these trips will do the same? :)

After all, we are all 'THE RESISTANCE'


ln our particular fight with UKBA we have just received a letter from victims of the UKBA. A couple only had 6kg of tobacco between them but UKBA seized it . The couple appealed but were frightened off by the UKBA threatening them with costs so they cancelled their appeal. UKBA still went ahead with the court appeal in their absence and got the magistrate to award costs against this couple of  £2669.50 ... l kid you not! l'm currently going through all their paperwork to see what we can do.


Thanks for the great response. lt's heartening to see we have people willing to take it out on the streets. l've spoken to my friend and he assures me he can get me another 25 or so badges by Mon am. That being the case, l've added 25 to the number of badges available as the post office is not open till Mon anyway. lf he gets me more than 25 l'll revise the stock again. THE RESISTANCE grows! :)


  1. I WANT A BADGE please.
    I'm not on Ebay but can use Paypal. Any ideas?

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  3. )
    looking forward to the booze cruise!

  4. Anon 10.58 ... as we are mon ami, as we are.

  5. Bought my badge this morning....very early..lol.Up fpr a T-shirt too,if it happens.

  6. Luv it! dont have ebay so will do same as anon 08.16

  7. I want one too but I'm not on ebay and I'm banned from Paypal - although I don't know why - summat to do with someone hacking my account which I've only used once anyway.
    Perhaps I can give you some cash on the baccy trip?

  8. Patsy ... that's a deal. Have your address somewhere but you'd better e-mail it to me to be sure.

    :) x

  9. Just ordered one via daughters account.

  10. Received with thanks. Worn at a pardody protest today, more details anon.

  11. Nice one Shades. The local Normandy Veterans wanted to purchase some but l donated them instead.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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