First Baccy Mini-Cruise Sat 15th Oct

The first Baccy Mini-Cruise will be Sat 15th Oct. Sails from Hull 18.30 Sat 15th Oct and arrives back Mon 17th Oct 08.15.

Got 6 people already down for this trip. Let me know if you are up for this one and l'll put things together and send you details. Booking starts 12th Sept. Note that you should book your own trip but if that's not possible drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Note also that if you are travelling alone that you should book for 2 as it is '2 for 1' offer. Put any name as number 2 passenger as it is easily changed for no cost. Others can then take this place and pay you for it.

Feel free to ask questions. :)    Facebook

Well that's what UKBA think we are :)


  1. How about mentioning your Baccy Cruise in the comments on this site.

  2. The Buckos are party animals! :)

    Welcome aboard m'hearties!

  3. See comment 3 on this link, scroll down till you see the "comments" on the right hand side.

  4. Cheers Anon 13.25. l left it in wrong place ... l put it in suggestion thingy. Ah well, did have a few JD's last night. :)

  5. Bus and trains from anywhere in UK
    connecting with cruise.
    Ask this blogger to pass on and we in the North will send all times etc.
    We Northmen invite you all from all parts of Britain to join us in a
    show of defiance to the Westminster
    and Brussels Traitors.

    The fight will continue

  6. The boat should be renamed "THE FREEDOM FERRY".


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