Sign this Petition to Amend Smoking Ban ... lf You Don't Play You Can't Win!

Request from Dick Puddlecote to post this up and spread the word which l am glad to do. Don't ignore it because if you do, the smokophobes will then say we've accepted this stupid ban because no-one signed the petition.

Click here to vote or click on sidebar symbol thingamajig like one here >


  1. Thanks SH. I'm with you on the general feeling of helplessness over these type of petition sites (we've already seen one farce with the Freedom Bill site) but as you say, if no-one signs, it plays right into the hands of politico who will say the issue is finished.

    Of course, should we get thousands of signatures, it's very irritating for MPs who wish we would just forget about or 'move on'.

  2. There are plenty of other pro-choice petitions there. Search for smoking and choose carefully. Why use a bullet when you can fir buckshot?

  3. Already signed up 8-)

  4. Did your stalker turn up SH?

  5. @Andrea31

    No ... he would've been our first troll. lol


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