Average of 5,500 Vehicles seized by HMRC/UKBA per year ... sold £36.80 each?

The official statistics from HMRC state vehicles seized per year as follows :-

2003/4    6,848
2004/5    6,093
2005/6    6,256
2006/7    6,293
2007/8    5,697
2008/9    5,618

ln their annual accounts HMRC state that it is not practicable to show monies received from sale of these vehicles ... however ... UKBA state that it is not practicable to show the number of vehicles seized since Customs were amalgamated into the UKBA on 1st April 2008. They do however estimate it to be over 5000 per year (from Feb 2010 UKBA)

UKBA  do have statistics on something else though. ln their annual accounts they DO show the monies received from sale of seized vehicles and here is where it gets interesting.

They state in their 2009/10(Section 24) report :-

The agency also seized assets at the border. Tobacco and illegal substances are
destroyed but the agency did raise £432k (2008/09: £877k) from the sale of seized
vehicles with all proceeds going to HM Treasury.

And in their 2009/10 (Section 24) report they state :-

The agency also seized assets at the border. Tobacco and illegal substances are destroyed but the agency did raise £184k (2009-10: £432k) from the sale of seized vehicles with all proceeds going to HM Treasury.

WTF? .... they seize over 5000 vehicles per year, so lets be kind and use that figure of 5000 (the extra 500 or so we'll put down to people getting their vehicles back ... yeah right.)

ln 2008/9 ..........     that equates to £175   per vehicle  (£877k for 5000 vehicles)
ln 2009/10............. that equates to £86.40 per vehicle (£432k for 5000 vehicles)
and their latest figures equate to .. £36.80 per vehicle (£184k for 5000 vehicles)

These figures are insane but they come from their own accounts so wtf is going on? There's got to be something else surely? .... anyone???

KARMA! >>> here!She gets no sympathy from me


  1. Scrap value is a bare min of a 100 quid so that'd be atleast half a million!

  2. 3 very recent seizures l know of :-

    £20k people carrier (4 pax 3kg tobacco each)

    3yr old E-Class Mercedes Saloon ( 2 pax 3kg tobacco each)

    5 yr old Ford Transit (1 pax 6kg tobacco)

    Wonder what cars the UKBA staff drive?

    1. Many people opt to buy back their vehicle, or pay the back duties. The figure you should obtain from UKBA is the number still in seizure after 6 months

  3. Simon at FOREST says it's not an issue! not fucking much it aint you tosser!

  4. With reference to the story you linked, I'd say at least the squatters are *honest* thieves and parasites unlike the UKBA...

  5. I still don't understand why the Treaty of Rome isn't a get you and your goods out of jail free ticket. 3 Kg each is not a sustainable business and seems quite obviously for personal use in one of the examples cited by SH

  6. Chalcedon ... unfortunately UKBA and magistrates are wilfully blind to the obvious ... as are politicians, MSM etc when it come to the plight of cross-border shoppers.

  7. If the pounds per vehicle average based on the known two statistics, number of vehicles seized and estimated sold and total profit from sale realized, then it could be that not all of the profit from selling the vehicles is being accounted for in the official amount of revenue received and would thus indicate that some of the profit could be being diverted into someone's corrupt back pocket, is maybe one way to explain it. Don't officials in charge of ministries know how to do basic math and understand possible implications of the results, or is it that the culture of corruption merely extends so high up in government levels that they give it a blind eye, as long as their cut, by way of sheer money or else political support from those further down, remains unhindered in the process.

  8. Anon 16.06 ... Well the MP's expenses showed us being blind and deaf is common.

    ln 3 years the money from sale of seized vehicles has reduced by over 50% per year yet the seizure of vehicles has remained the same????

    We've all heard of creative accounting ... but this? lt beggars belief.

  9. A friend scrapped a car today. Not a big, heavy one. He got £145, even after I nicked his battery, which reduced its weight a fair bit. (The car didn't get used for parts, we saw them squash it.)

    Clearly, there is a scam going on at HMRC. I assume they'll put it down to institutional innefficiency though. The storage and handling will be "contracted out" to a tax-haven subsidiary, owned by friends of those who make the decisions.

    Private Eye have been banging on for years about how Revenue and Customs sold all their buildings to an offshore company that pays no tax. Now they rent them back, for a rent that keeps going up. This is well documented, but nobody in the MSM shows any interest.

    One day, they'll have enough rope to hang themselves?

  10. i know 2 polish guys buyin cars left hand drive £3500 per car so strange figures????


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