FFS! £8.29 for 20 Lambert & Butler!!!!!

Go anywhere in Bulgaria and the price of cigs/tobacco are the same. lt's set by the government and the price is printed on the duty paid label stuck on the packet of cigs/tobacco. l believe the same is in other countries like Spain, Poland etc.

We are ripped off in this country anyway ... 20 Lambert & Butler will cost you £6.31 in Asda (£2.25 in Poland).
So the government are ripping off the UK smokers but not content with that they allow service stations/airports and anyone else to rip off smokers as well!

lf EU countries have this reg that sets the price of cigs/tobacco ... why the hell not us? Smokers seem to be the perfect victim for anyone that chooses to do anything malicious, harmful or spiteful here in the UK!

The price quoted was from Humberside Airport retail shop. ls there any wonder the black market is growing?
Smokers can't afford the prices in UK and if they try and legitimately purchase their tobacco/cigs from the EU, the UKBA do all in their power to rob them of their goods.

No wonder the black market is doing so well ... they've got the government, UKBA and ripoff retail outlets to help them!

Anyone know of a price greater than £8.29 for a pack of 20 Lamberts?


  1. I think 50g of Golden Virginia is £14 a pack. Shocking. I was thinking exactly the same as you about the EU price of tobacco SH.

    They're always banging on about how "we can't just pick and choose which EU directives we follow and which we don't" ... and then go and pick and choose to ignore the EU directive on the price of tobacco.

    Don't they just make you want to puke. 'Scuse me while I go for the sick bag :(

  2. They certainly do Pat. Double standards all the way.

  3. how much more are we gonna get hammered by this government. All they want to do is posture in front of the cameras. How much of the tax on tobacco is going to bail out the countries in the eurozone just so the politicans can look good. If i could afford it you wouldn't see me for dust


  4. Cigarettes- the only 'currency' worth investing in. More stable than the Euro, the dollar or the British Rabbit pelt.

    ...and you thought it was *only* in prison that 'snout' was...

  5. £8.29? - that'd be WH Smiffs then. I think there's an anti smoker agenda at the company, saw something about it a while ago...

    They're the same in airport departures, motorway services and some retail parks where they've a ciggy mono-poly...

    Personally, since they adopted this overt prejudicial price policy (and the sharp practice of putting misleading pricing signs up for other stuff) I've just gone in, eaten some confectionery whilst reading a few magazines and left...

    WH Smiths are assholes.

  6. SBC ... mmmmmm

    Dear ASH, Tobacco Control, WHO, NHS, blah blah

    I've finally decided to give up smoking but problem is l've still got a years supply ... 100 cartons. Surely you have a buy back policy for such a situation as this? l'm sure the government will give you special dispensation to do this because they so want the country to be smokefree. lf you don't l'll blame all of you for not helping me stop smoking and think of all the harm l'll be causing with SHS, 3rdHS. What about the children??? Shall we say £6 a packet? ... cheaper than ASDA! l make that £6000 you are going to send me, ok?

    When cheque is cleared in my account then you can pick up the cigarettes for destruction. l prob wont be here by then but l'll make arrangements for pick-up. l can do this from Bulgaria where l'll be ... shopping!

    Smoking Hot

  7. Yes, why aren't the prices of tobacco products fixed in this country as they are in the EU?
    Ripoff UK is right!

  8. When anti drug laws do not work, ie, people still take drugs, the dictatorships answer is, to legalize drugs.

    By this theory, high taxing of tobacco, to stop people smoking, has not stopped them doing so. Therefore, following the drug theory, they should stop taxing tobacco alltogether.

    Or have I missed some subtle "small print"?

  9. Theres already no tax from white van man or should l be saying men cos the more tax rises and the more UKBA rob people the number of them will grow.

  10. WTF Furor? if they legalised drugs they'd tax them. You make no sense

  11. XX Anonymous said...

    WTF Furor? if they legalised drugs they'd tax them. You make no sense XX

    THAT is probably the "small print".

  12. When you go in to have your 'free' operation to remove your lung, or chemotherapy when you get lung cancer SOMEONE'S got to pay the bill. Smokers cost the NHS BILLIONS per year.

    I was going to say how come you dont understand this? But if you're stupid enough to smoke, im not surprised you dont understand.

    1. Well, in that case, you won't be wanting any of the billions per year in tax we pay, will you?

  13. The reason they are taxed more here is because the NHS spends a shit load of money looking after lung cancer and smoking related illnesses. So it has to be funded somehow. If u go and live in Bulgaria you won't get looked after for free like u do in this country.

  14. People who say that tax on tobacco is so high is to pay for NHS bills are so full of shit. I am a non-smoker, have been for a long time. I know many people who have smoked all their lives and never had any smoking related illness. In fact, I personally don't know any. The reason why they tax cigarettes so high is... because they can. Next you're going to tell us the tax on fuel is so high to pay for repairing the ozone layer. Fucking tool!

    Smoking is likely to be costing the NHS between £2.5 and £6 billion. According to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) figures, the typical price of a pack of 20 cigarettes was £6.83 last year. Of this, a full £5.61 was tax, including tobacco duty and VAT. The Treasury is taking in about £12 billion directly from tobacco sales.

    Keep in mind this is on top of all the taxes that non-smokers pay. I think even if I do get a smoking related illness after all this time being a non-smoker... I've paid for it.


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