UKBA rob 3kg tobacco off Deaf Shopper

Here's another account of UKBA 'justice' from George Kirk. He writes :-

"80% Deaf 67 year old male 3kg of Golden Virginia questioned by UKBA officer Kevin Lazzerini at 1 am at Prestwick Airport Scotland, After a long journey from the south of Spanish mainland.

Requested a fluent ENGLISH speaker who did not have a speech impediment,- Refused 

Requested to answer his mumblings on a written paper - Refused,

Requested he look at me when asking his questions so I could lip read,- Refused, 

Requested I record his questions on mobile phone - Refused, 

Requested I read his notebook - Refused 

Requested the return of my legally purchased Spanish tax paid goods - Yes Refused

Requested UKBA inform me of their poilcy dealing with deaf people - Refused

Requested UKBA take my complaint seriously - Refused 


I have now been issued with a writ costing thousands of pounds so to allow UKBA to burn my tobacco (3 kg) Rather than let me burn the said tobacco between my fingers
And the country is suppose to be on it's knees with public spending debts
But the best is still to come, I now have a copy of this Itallian sounding Goonies notebook and even if I had been able to look at it I would most certainly never be able to read it Watch out for Picture and judge for yourself"



  1. Why are you posting this? Our Voice has already said IT ISN'T AN ISSUE!

    Looking forward to the pic :)

  2. The Friend And Voice Of The Smoker (or rather those smokers who are really really sorry for their disgusting addiction and would really like to be whipped some more, please Sir).

    aka FOREST/Simon.

  3. I see SBC. I would personally like to beat the soles of Simon's feet with a well oiled heavy duty motor-cycle chain, although I'm reliably informed that a 5mm thick rubber tube works best, followed swiftly with a yard brush scrub to that big shiny bonce.

  4. Is this gentleman going to appeal to get his tobacco back ??

    Is he going to sue the customs for disability discrimination ?

    I do hope so.

  5. Anon 18.25 l hope so too but the gentleman seems to be rarely online. l have wrote to him and offered our help.

  6. Thank you Anon I did not knowingly get any communications from your source, We have just returned from a trip to Spain on the 19th of May, (Yesterday) It is not really worth the hassle buying and paying EEC tax on tobacco in Spain Spanish GV now, 6.70 euros a pouch. I can purchase my GV at most Sunday markets in and around the Glasgow area for £6 a pouch, So the money goes to organized crime, But what the HELL! The UKBA are nasty organized criminals with walkie talkies.
    The thing is the HOODS in Glasgow are at least friendly when a punter hands over his cash, No questions asked, And the GV may not be 100% genuine but not a bad smoke either. Watch out for 40g bags
    Has anyone watched the TV show on one of the free view channel, I think it’s number 11,
    it’s about the IRISH Customs, Now gentlemen, these are real Bastardoe's, They X ray the case coming off the aircraft, don’t trip at the exit stage, But follow it to a shoppers vehicle on the airport car park,. Then seize the car as well as the goods. They are not interested in the Tobacco, They want your WHEELS
    But PADDY needs all the money they can get, BIG BIG drinkers you see. And they still have to pay Mr. Cameron back the millions they cadged of the UK.

  7. Irish lot don't come even close to our UKBA Highwaymen at Dover. They don't give exact figures, just state over 5000 cars a year.

  8. Sorry SH I am not experienced with the injustice being carried out in the name of H.R.H The Queen by the criminals in her payroll.
    I saw something on PICK TV about the IRISH and was disgusted.
    I am still fighting for some justice, but will I get any? the company representing UKBA are a massive firm of solicitors named Shepherd & Wetterburn of St Vincent Street Glasgow, Their MD is I am of the understanding the husband of Lady Smith, The High Court Judge. Some pay packet going into their joint account every month I should imagine, And still they are involved in ROBBING the elderly

  9. Send me the details of your case George and l'll have a look at it. Our charges are very reasonable ... ZERO!

    May I also point out, Although the Customs & Excise managements act is a Nationwide Westminster act of Parliament, Any challenge North of the border is under a different legal system from the rest of the UK, The Scottish people or even those arriving at a Scottish airport or sea port have less rights than the rest of the UK.
    The Scottish Legal aid board will almost always rule that granting legal aid to a person challenging a condemnation (Specially a smoker) would not be in the public interest.
    The Clerk of the Court would require a cash deposit of at least £80 to defend a writ issued on behalf of the UKBA by their a Solicitors, Shepherd & Wetterburn of St Vincent Street, GLASGOW.
    This must be paid into the court in CASH within 30 days of the writ being issued.
    Being a pensioner £80 is three quarters of what the Government tell me is sufficient to live on each week.
    So it's like playing poker with an opponent with an unlimited source of funds,

  11. I think the worst bit was when I asked for the supervisor, A nasty grey haired man approached full of aggression and arrogance, Seemed well past retirement age but obviously liked his position of power so much he was hanging in there.
    His name was Charles McDougal.
    I had already explained three times we only had extra funds with us due to the uncertainty with the ASH CLOWD and flights being cancelled.
    He asked again and I a 67 year old on walking sticks, with almost total deafness and spectacles like the bottoms of a pint glass sarcastically said "I like to party" some party that would be. Now he never mentioned the ASH CLOWD, but did mention the wild party.
    Then when my career asked for her used packet of silk cut to be returned, Initially they were handed back but Charles McDougall ordered them to be re-seized, Then threatened me with police arrest if I did not "clear off"
    A liar, This old man is an expert at lying, and he had about 12 nodding dogs in white shirts tittering and laughing at our mis-fortune.
    They probably had a great bout of hilarity in their White Transit Mini Bus on the 37 mile trip back to Falcon House headquarters in Paisley Nr Glasgow.
    You may ask whay an old codder was in Spain, I was visiting family, May never see then again.

  12. The threat of arrest by police is often used but very very rarely carried out because the police operate under different rules. We ourselves have experience of this and are using ploice evidence against the UKBA. Indeed the police have been very helpful to us. The police (despite the myths) are relatively transparent and open and you can discuss incidents with them. The UKBA are not! they are secretive to the extreme and there is no dialogue allowed whatsoever unless with their Complaints Team in Dover. This is just a sham though, they are still the UKBA and are there only because they are legally obligated to have a complaints procedure. lt firmly believe it's function is to cover the arses of any UKBA employee and nothing more.

    This is our biggest issue ... transparency (or lack of within this agency). lf they recorded all interviews at stop and searches it would stop many of the illegal tactics used by the UKBA. This is the reason why UKBA refuse to do it at virtually every incident. They want to rely on the officers notebook as evidence and that's it!

    This notebook is not verbatim of the interview and misses out all the intimidation and lies used against shoppers. They then have the audacity to ask the shopper to sign it as being true and factual! This is then used against you as it amounts in many cases to a "confession"!

    Let me have your correspondence of your incident as soon as possible incl everything from UKBA. We can then see what we can do with it. l'm amazed that they ask you for £80 to defend yourself from an action UKBA are taking. They instigate proceedings ... not you.

  13. You know this is how naive I was last year, An absolute idiot, When Kevin Lazzerini and his top CAT boss Charles McDougall stole our purchases at Prestwick Airport, I though there must be a mistake, So I wrote a letter of complaint and hand delivered it to the address on the form they give me, Falcon House, Inchinnan Road Paisley Glasgow, I took three busses to get there and three back home, Lucky the Scottish Government paid my bus fare’s
    Falcon House is a non descript red brick building near Glasgow Airport, 60’ radio transmitter mast on the roof and security entrance with intercom, I was smartly dressed and gained entrance no problem by hanging my bus pass round my neck like an ID card. Once inside I asked to speak to the manager, I actually expected him to meet me apologise for the inconvenience and give me back my legally purchased goods, That’s how stupid I am or at least was. I was seen by a middle aged woman called Eileen Donaghie in a uniform shirt, A tall well built and not unattractive and quite charming in a Scottish working class sort of way, The sort one may engage in conversation in a bar if nothing younger was available, She informed me NO managers worked from that office, I explained my position and was shocked with her reply, She told me to go home and put it all behind me, Don’t let it take over my life as I would never see my goods again and the trouble might kill me. Very considerate I thought and that was only three days after the goods were stolen by Lazzerini and his Mafia friends.
    So much for appeal, review’s and complaints process, But I am made of stronger stuff than to let an Italian beat me, My father did not lie down the them in North Africa and Anzio in 1941 and neither will I.
    So upwards and onwards, DEATH so what.

    Oh yes it gets worse, We both have been victimised, My career beaten up by the local police from AYR but that’s another story for another day. And I got the video of that as well.

  14. SH I sent you on a introductory E mail detailing much of what has gone on in the first instance.
    I will scan on the UKBA Dovers reply and Sked's so called review, But it is almost word for word that of the review you detailed in the David F case.
    So no TV tonight, I am warming up the scanner.
    Adios for now.
    You off course did read about the UKBA employees somking habits at Prestwick Airport, Fantastic. The almost burnt the place down, Not once but three times, Aircraft diverted, Passengers evecuated.Shops and businesses closed down for hours. The UKBA love their toast and marmalade.
    BTW Mr sket marks has told me if I have used my mobile phone to record Kevin Lazzerini lying then I could be charged under the Provention of Terrorist act, Hmmmm Who are the terrorists only the UKBA

  15. Ok, thanks. l'll look at it all when l get back tonight. Ian Sked again? #groan#

  16. Well it is now almost crunch tine a Miss Collins isw taking it to Ayr sheriff court at vast expemse to the British taxpayer.
    I hope Lazzerini and Co are called to give evidence under oath, That would be interesting.
    My defences would seem to be incorrect and a motion was raised to have the case won on a technacality, But I'm back in again for now.

  17. So the Motion brought by Miss Collins of shepherd & wedderburn (Solicitors) West George's Street GLASGOW was defeated and this now moves to what is known as an options hearing, BTW "all you lot are paying for this nonsense"
    The thing is if a "Cause" is worth fighting for -- Fight like a devil for the "cause"

  18. Keep it up George, it's worth the fight. They, and others, will know you are not a sheep!


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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