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We received an e-mail from one of our readers

It said they were in Gdansk and they needed help finding Lambert & Butler cigarettes as they could find none.

Our reply was "We'll be in Gdansk by tonight!"

Greetings from Gdansk
Zaphod & SH


  1. [Slightly Off Topic] If you are in Danzig then try the 'water'. No not the tap sort but a liquor with real gold leaf in it.

  2. Morning folks! Nice weather in Gdansk. SBC, l'll bear that in mind. :)

    Marlboro 11.4 zloty, L&B 10.3

  3. How much are Ronsons now SH?

  4. Sorry Dirtyrider, back in UK now so unable to tell you. l'll ask my friend who lives there.

  5. No worries SH

  6. If you're a British expat living in Gdansk or just a visitor who would like to purchase British brands of cigarettes, you might be interested to know that the tobacco kiosk in the covered market is one of the few places that sells Lambert & Butler and Superkings. You can purchase single packets or cartons of 200 for 113 PLN [Jan 2011]. Enter from the entrance on Panska and the kiosk is on your left.


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