UKBA arrest 2,800 in past year re E-Borders

"Suspects linked to hundreds of crimes have been captured after the UK Border Agency's e-Borders monitoring system successfully targeted wanted criminals trying to cross the UK border.
In 2010/11, e-Borders alerts led to 2,800 arrests after the details of 126 million passengers were checked against 'watchlists' of suspects wanted by the UK Border Agency, police, SOCA and HM Revenue & Customs.
Currently the e-Borders system checks 90 per cent of flights from outside the EU, and up to 60 per cent of those from within the EU, to combat terrorist threats, spot organised criminals, stop immigration abuse and catch fugitives from justice.
In the last year, the e-Borders system flagged suspects wanted in connection with a number of serious crimes and resulted in the arrest of people wanted in connection with 18 murders, 27 rapes, 29 sex offences, and 25 violent crimes." ... more here

Oh how very impressive .... 2,800 arrests and they come up with "wanted in connection with 18 murders, 27 rapes, 29 sex offences, and 25 violent crimes"  .... mmmm, no terrorists then? ... which if you remember was the reason of this E-Borders! You forgot? of course you did, that was the intention as it isn't anything to do with terrorism and never was.

Er, sorry for being pedantic but what about the other 2,701?  What were their "crimes"?  l say "crimes" because nowhere is there any list of actual convictions. These are all "suspects", "wanted in connection with", blah blah and that includes the afore mentioned 99!

Hold on though, UKBA have already decided your guilt. You are no longer a "suspect" because they lead with the headline:-

E-Borders captures 2,800 criminals at the border

 Silly me, l thought that was for the courts to decide. Wonder what the other other 2,701 criminals have done? .... allegedly missed CSA payments?, parking fines? dropped a cigarette butt?, wheelybin violations? not filled in the Census? smoked in a company vehicle? or some other violation of the never ending regulations being put on the statute books?

Wonder how many of these criminals are foreign nationals? Don't bother looking it up because we all know that virtually everyone of these criminals will be British. 

Just realised ... me and Zaphod are probably included in the 2,800!  I'd forgot about this 

Got to go now, l think armed police are surrounding the house! :)



  1. Rather illustrates what I've said before: the police are there to protect us, the UKBA to protect the state's finances.

    Catching criminals is the job of the police NOT customs. Possibly having a Border Police force, bound by PACE and all the other legal strictures that our police forces are subject to (and the UKBA not) might not be such a bad idea....

  2. I know the idea of a Border Police Force is somewhat heretical but...

    ...can you imagine a policeman confiscating someone's car merely on suspicion and the shit storm in the press if they did?

  3. Maybe if the press got off their fat arses and did some proper journalism.

    Maybe if we had a voice of the smoker and not some posing git who swans about the world

  4. SBC ... UKBA stay well clear of PACE and will do all they can to keep it that way. Unfortunately the judges and magistrates are just as bad as UKBA by helping them rob people of their goods. These people couldn't even spell integrity.

    Mac ... not a cat in hell's chance! All part of the Westminster Bubble ... mustn't rock the boat and all that.

  5. Keep trying to post a comment on Simon's blog but it won't let me. But I'll say it here: "Lay off Simon, the bloke deserves a holiday. Visit to see the results of all his hard campaigning"

  6. Think SH iscommenting on journos in general not Simon.

  7. Simons a waste of space, if anyone really believes that we will get any help from Simon or FOREST in overturning any smoking bans or any ill treatment of smokers from them then they must be seriously deluded, have you read his blog? Its like Alan Whickers fucking world he is as much use as a chocolate ashtray.

  8. Where's the new strategy that was supposed to be announced this month by HMRC/UKBA on tobacco control? Do they have one or is it a secret?

    Not many days left in April when you take away the weekends and Bank Holidays.

    Maybe that is the stategy ... tell you there is one and then say nothing about it. You'll learn about it if you're stopped and searched. :)

  9. SH, it will probably be along the lines of 'you've smoked tobacco inside your vehicle. For reasons of Health & Safety UKBA Officers are no longer permitted to enter or search vehicles that may contain nicotine residue. You obviously smoked inside your car with the intent of hindering any lawful search of said vehicle. That is concealment and any tobacco products and the vehicle itself are liable to seizure'

    ....and no I'm not joking...well, ok, only a little.

  10. Remember People, in these days of passive smoking hysteria that it only takes one non-smoker-ex-customs officer with lung cancer who phones 'Ambulance Chasers R Us' and tries to make a claim against HMRC. All those times he had to stick his head into a smoked filled car...

    There are already, I believe, councils who will not allow their officers into homes where a cigarette was smoked within the previous 30 mins.

  11. Ha ha SBC, your posts tie in with what l just commented at Dick Puddlecotes place.

    "Wow ... an e-cig is being rebellious? That's like saying you're a bad ass biker and having a Honda 50 with stabilizers.

    Have smoked in lots of places where smoking is banned but still not been fined.

    Had a few confrontations but here's the thing ... don't confess! Say you wasn't smoking ... period! All they have is hearsay. Make it difficult for them and they give up. They are used to easy targets not difficult ones.

    We just bought a new van and are in the process of having it sign written ... except it isn't a company vehicle ... it's private! Haven't made final decision on name yet but quite like Q-Van ... named after the Q-Ships of WW2 :)

    Another tip ... get yourself one of those little travel ashtrays. Excellent for denying the little Hitlers any evidence."

  12. From Dave Atherton

    Hi SH, must add you to my blog roll too.

    Reason for the comment moderation I have not worked out how to turn it off!

  13. ^^^^^ I read Dave's blog for the first time this morning after following a linky from Frank Davis. It's well worth the read, lots of good solid evidence and facts.

  14. @Shinar's Basket Case and SH. *Thanks*

    Sussed out the comment moderation so fill your boots. Thanks for the nudge.

    I have over the next few weeks have 2,000 papers on smoking, drinking and drugs to go up. I have been encouraged by a number of people to deposit my vast library to the general public.

    ASH will be choking on their morning coffee.

    Dave Atherton


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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

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