Du Hast Die Plicht Gesund Zu Sein! (You have a duty to be healthy) by SBC

Anti-Smoking Propaganda does sound so much scarier in the original German, don't it?

Found this online, its the title page of a Hitler Youth propaganda booklet.

Did you know that the whole 'smoking thing' was actually a plot by the Jews and Marxists to weaken the 'fighting Spirit' of German youth?

Wir wissen heute, dass hinter dieser Entwicklung der j***** und marxistische Zersetzungs- und Vernichtungsgeist stand, der unsere Rasse zugrunde richten wollte. Und nun erkennen wir den großen politischen Zusammenhang, aus dem heraus zu verstehen ist, wie auch die Unsitte des Rauchens in einem so gewaltigen Maße in unser Volk eindringen konnte."

"Today we know that behind this development (the introduction of tobacco) stood the Corrosive and Destructive Jewish Marxist Spirit, which wishes to destroy our Race. And now we see the great political connections, from which we understand how the deplorable habit of smoking has managed to pervade our Volk to such a great degree"

(my own Quick and Dirty translation)

The things you learn.

or...maybe we DON'T learn



  1. If anyone has the language skills or interest, the whole booklet can be found here:http://www.logr.org/nwherne/uber-uns-und-unsere-stadt/selbstkritik/

    ...chapter 3 also deals with the Demon Drink (no doubt also a ZIONIST PLOT).

    By sheer coincidence *cough* there is another prog on TV tonight- 'The True Cost Of A Pint'.

    We did warn the drinkers that they'd be next...history always repeats itself.

  2. A very clever piece of psychological indoctrination ... any of the youth who then smoked would be siding with the Jews and Communists.

    Meanwhile Goebbels, Braun and others continued to smoke, as did others to the full knowledge of Adolf ... who had himself cigarette items all over his offices. He also gave out such items as gifts.

  3. SH – I can’t understand why this one bollock monster loved smoking memorabilia but then created the Jena Institute for Tobacco Hazards Research?

    When can we hear the last part of the custom’s interview?

  4. When they've finished with the smokers and drinkers, then, heaven forfend, they'll start on the obese!

  5. JJ .... yes, l must do that but it's so daunting, it's so long it has to be edited (many repititions and then personal details taken out but l will do it. Keep pushing me!

  6. "He (hitler) also gave out such items as gifts. "-SH

    And yet in the very same pamphlet:
    "Es darf daher zum Beispiel keinen Meister, Chef, Direktor, Vorarbeiter mehr geben, der einem Jugendlichen Alkohol oder Tabak in irgendeiner Form, etwa sogar als Anerkennung für eine besonders gute Leistung, anbietet oder gar auszwingt!"

    "For example, no Master[Master Craftsman], Boss, Director nor foreman should offer youths, or worse still coerce them into taking, alcohol or tobacco in any form, not even as 'recognition' for good effort." (again my own 'off-top-of-my-head' Quick and Dirty Trans.)

  7. So so many times repeated, so so many times forgotten.

    Rules for the people don't apply to the ones who apply them.

  8. True, but I doubt ASH is sitting around smoking in their offices right now. Parliament, well that's a different matter. I think they have their own smoking rooms (as does the UN, EU, US Senate offices, etc.)

  9. SH, re the part three recording.

    How about you just bleep the names out, and post the whole thing including tha gaps, inviting some volunteer to edit it down? Then repost it. Is that technically feasible?

    I'd like to hear how to be really stroppy with Customs and then still keep 27 kilos of baccy.


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