Drink Warning Sticker

I am indebted to the designer of this label and P&O Ferries who thought it important enough to stick it on a 1 Litre bottle of Jack Daniels that l purchased from their onboard shop.

Thanks for the thought guys but it really wasn't necessary .... no matter how drunk l get l never wake up next to a fat, beer bellied, ugly lass!


  1. I think the message of the symbol is, "If you drink a lot you will become very attractive to the opposite sex, and pregnancies may result."

  2. And there was me thinking it meant simply: Don't Date Northern Girls.

    I am so out of touch.

  3. The North .... Viz .... and Sid's chat up lines 'you don't sweat much for a fat lass'

  4. Looking more closely at the picture, it might mean : DO NOT LET YOUR 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER DRINK PINTS.


  5. They should have a pic of the fragrant Ms Arnott on there with the message...."Do you really want another drink?" It would put me straight off.

  6. SH,why didn't you complain that the bottle had been defaced and thus made unsutable as a present to your heavily pregnant niece, then demand an non-defaced one?
    Just an idea.


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