I must apologise for calling UKBA the Stasi, SS etc

Yes, l must apologise for calling the UKBA the Stasi or SS or Nazis or Gestapo because it is simply not true ...the UKBA are only acting like them ... just that ... acting!

They don't have the power of life and death!

They don't have the power to shoot you if you don't comply!

They don't have the power to arrest you and throw away the key!

They don't have the power to execute you!

They don't have the power to physically assault you or torture you!

They don't have the power people think they have!

To call the UKBA the SS/Stasi etc is just adding to the myth of their powers. Sure, some of them act like they are SS/Stasi etc but they can put on their fancy dress outfits, get aggressive, arrogant or whatever ... as much as they desire. ln the end they are just another UKBA official who you do NOT have to be frightened of.

I refuse to add to their myth of power as it may deter future EU Shoppers from going to buy their goods.

Challenge them and they crumble .... just say 'NO' and stand up for your rights.

These are real SS
I won't call the UKBA such names anymore ... they are just wannabees! ... nothing more!
UKBA pretending to be  SS

Here's what's been happening at our ports and airports to ordinary British Citizens.     British Citizens experiences of the UKBA
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  1. bet they look in the mirror every night ---- you lookin at me? lol

  2. I take your point, but I have to disagree somewhat. You see, I've known and worked with a lot ex-stasi officers and former East Block state policeman (Like SiguranĊ£a Statului) . Hell, my former divisional boss was once a high ranking 'nasty' in one of the nastier DDR 'security' organizations. Infact I once spent a night chatting to a former Stasi torturer( who was terrifyingly 'nice' and 'normal'...and i do mean terrifying)

    No the UKBA don't have the power to shoot dissenters nor burn heretics at the stake but they do have the 'I am only obeying orders' mindset and they do have most of the legal powers that other 'State Policemen' have, or at least they think they do. Your own taped recording showed that.

  3. No SBC, l think you agree with me because l see nothing in your post l disagree with. UKBA are not Stasi or SS etc but l've no doubt some of them would've liked to have been judging by the way they operate.

  4. bout time these ukba bastards were taken down a peg.

  5. The 'normal' Police are there to protect the citizen, from politicians, from other citizens and from himself.

    The SS/Gestapo/Stasi et al were formed as Protectors of the STATE, as are the UKBA (who Blair 'n Brown wanted to turn into an armed 'Border Police' after the german model).

  6. [message got chopped...probably by GCHQ]

    The 'normal' Police are there to protect the citizen, from politicians, from other citizens and from himself.

    The SS/Gestapo/Stasi et al were formed as Protectors of the STATE, as are the UKBA (who Blair 'n Brown wanted to turn into an armed 'Border Police' after the german model).

    So it is perhaps not unfair to call the UKBA 'Stasi' or as we say in Germanicals 'Sind so quasi bei der Stasi' (it rhymes in German and means that they are quasi-stasi)

  7. Very true SBC, indeed the UKBA were to become such, lets hope the ConDems aren't as stupid as Liebour. The Police forces in the UK were and are against such a force ... an unaccountable force too. Boy they must be pissed off they didn't get it!

  8. "bout time these ukba bastards were taken down a peg"


    They are NOT 'bastards'. To be a 'bastard' you have to have had human parents... if not married.

    The UKBA are 'retorts' or 'retort kids'. No I haven't mispelt that word either. A retort is a stand that holds a test tube...

  9. quasi-stasi :) Das ist gut (GCE O Level) Ich habe alles vergessen!

  10. Oh yes 'O levels', I remember them. Back when exams actually were exams, British passports blue (and the most beautiful in the world unlike our modern Soviet style crmison things)...and UKBA 'agents' were Customs Officers.

    Those were the days.

    *feels every one of his 42 years all of a sudden*

  11. Customs Officers and travellers knew exactly where they stood then with Duty Free. They were also respected but then along came Free Trade with Europe and it all went to hell. Many Customs Officers took early retirement because of the farcical position they were put in. l've got quite a few e-mails from ex-Customs and all of them to a man say this UKBA is a pale shadow of what Customs were and stood for.

  12. l looked at all them incidents at the ports and what amazes me is not only do the MSM ignore it but all the supposed Libertarian blogs too.

    l've never seen anything on Forest or Big Brother Watch just to mention 2. WTF?

  13. @Tim l wrote to Simon Clark at Taking Liberties warning him that a recent article on the lrish Forest blog could be used by ASH or similar accusing them of smuggling. The article was removed but l didn't get a reply, all l got was sweet fa! He can go get stuffed next time!

  14. Mick ... l was discussing the article you mention with John Mallon of Forest Eireann. Irish Customs documentation and help on bringing duty paid EU goods is quite vague and open to misunderstanding. This is what the problem was. John now has the actual facts so there wont be any future misunderstandings. John is a friendly and helpful guy.

    Maybe your e-mail to Simon went into the spam folder? l can't see any other reason for Simon not replying to you.

  15. SH you should be a diplomat. l've wrote to you a few times for information and you've always responded. Others don't because l believe they think that they are far too important to respond to us peasants. l know all the good work you put in and l really appreciate it. As Tim said theres only you doing it but l've never seen you mentioned on Simons site, Taking Liberties is a good name for it.

  16. Mick ... what Simon does or doesn't do with his site is up to him and that goes for other sites too.

    lf they think the issue of what happens to our fellow citizens at the borders by the UKBA is not for them ... it's their choice. They certainly are not alone because hardly anyone speaks up for them. ln most cases it's because the people that suffer at the borders are smokers ... just add it to list on how smokers are treat.

  17. I am disabled and my friend has cancer, we went on mini cruise we had 3kilos tobacco and 3200 cigarettes each. after a three and half hour humiliating and degrading interrorgation these were taken off us my friend ended up in tears on the way home. so much for the gastapo in hull

  18. Anon 12.17

    When did you go? Did you appeal?


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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