Treat yourself ... Skegness Rock n Blues 28-31 Jan 2011

This really is a fantastic weekend for all you music lovers. It's at Butlins Skegness and is an absolute bargain. You see so many bands and there's types of accommodation to suit everyone ... apartments, room only and that can include all your meals too if you prefer. For your spondoolies you get 3 nights in the accommodation of your choice and see all these bands :-

* Uriah Heep
* Dr Feelgood
* Monsters of british rock
* Girlschool
* Sandi Thom
* The Pretty Things
* The Hamsters
* Climax Blues Band
* Gary Fletcher Band (from The Blues Band)
* King King
* The Heavy Metal Kids
* Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes
* The Quireboys
* Nine Below Zero
* Slack Alice

that's not all, there are other musicians too and an excellent jamming afternoon where anyone can play.

l've been going for a few years now and it's a must for me every year. You get to use all the facilities and what's best is ... there are no kids! :) I've never seen any trouble there in all the years l've been going. It's fun to see everyone turning up with supplies for the weekend ... which mainly seems to be alcohol !!!!

lt's like a festival but none of that tent business!

We all  take hip flasks for our JD etc as many others do for their preferred tipple when out and about. Security is not a problem.

So c'mon and treat yourselves  ... maybe introduce yourselves and maybe we'll treat you to a drink or two!


  1. Have been there for the last 3 years.Wishbone Ash were exceptional....and fully expect to be playing on the Jam Saturday(was last on stage last year and ended up backing a tremendous girl vocalist for 2 numbers) out for a guitar made out of an original American registration plate(from a harvester,so I beleive)custom made for myself...and it sounds the dogs doo-dah,s too

  2. Yay! ... l remember that. Was at Jaks for most of the afternoon ... with my friend Jack Daniels amongst others. :)

  3. I went there before the smoking ban and in the main venue halls although there were hundreds of people smoking the ventilation was so good that it was as if no smoking was occurring.
    I went again after the ban and hated having to come out of the venues to have a smoke with my drink. There were as many people outside as there were in. It was freezing cold outside and no fun at all.
    No more Butlins breaks for me now.

  4. Smoking is common in the apartments ... and inside the venues (although not blatantly). The security there 'didn't' see it. :)

  5. Yep, it's an excellent gig. Good music, and everyone who goes is there to have a good time. Great atmosphere. I know that "Butlin's" doesn't sound very rock 'n roll, but you'll enjoy it.
    And there's no mud! And no ghastly blocked chemical toilets! Maybe I'm going soft...

  6. And no ghastly blocked chemical toilets! Maybe I'm going soft... <<<<<<< hahahahaha

  7. Perhaps I'll see some of you around as I'm working in Skeg. Dunno if I can make the event but I hope you have fun :>)

  8. You can combine business with pleasure Pat. Write an article on the event. :)

  9. Had to pass over an interview with Sandi Thom because it's not one of my days - but as compensation I get to interview Shaking Stevens next week :(

  10. will be my 8th year, cant wait.
    does anyone know whos on what time yet?


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