Moscow Airport ... Security Theatre and MSM ignore elephant in room.

By now you will have read or watched the news about the bomb at Moscow Airport arrivals area. What you won't have heard is that our own airports have the same vulnerability. The Security Theatre keeps quiet as have our own MSM. You'd expect the Security Theatre to do this because it bursts their bubble of protecting passengers ...they never could and never will. The resounding silence from the MSM simply shows that they don't report the news and the freedom of the press is a mere fallacy. You are told what they want you to hear and nothing more.

The arrivals area and departure areas are open to the public. Actually, l'm surprised it was the arrivals area at Moscow. l would have thought it would've been the departures area. You can check-in online and print your own boarding card and when you arrive at the airport, go straight to departures via the security theatre where they will relieve you of your nail scissors and bottle of Coca-Cola. Yet, your cabin luggage is with you and perfectly capable of carrying in excess of 20 kg of explosives (Moscow was 7kg apparently).Don't forget the bomb vest too. At the security theatre you queue with hundreds of other passengers for your own safety .... what utter bollocks!

20kg of explosives mixed with ball bearings would take out the whole security theatre and most of the passengers. Those left would be maimed for life. What can the Security Theatre do about it? ... the answer is sweet FA. The suicide bomber is simply that ... a suicide bomber. No matter where you stop him/her in the airport they will detonate their bomb ... YOU CAN'T STOP THEM WHEN THEY HAVE GOT THIS FAR.

Expect the Security Theatre to now press for detectors on the entrances and exits of airports but what will that achieve? ... It only moves the impending explosion to these locations and therefore achieves absolutely nothing .... except many more millions of pounds for the Security Theatre and more hassle, intrusions and delays for passengers. It's a farce!

These attacks can only be stopped at source, if they reach the airport or train station, ports, public areas ... it's too late. Extra money and resources should be pumped into intelligence operations and not the Security Theatre ... there is no other way.

l hope l didn't scare you too much about the airports but in reality why should you be afraid anyway? Your neighbour may decide to kill you by blowing your head off. Are you taking security measures to stop him in case he decides to do such a thing?

Have a nice flight.  :)


  1. At least it hasn't been 'linked to Alky Ada'!

  2. I first wrote on this topic just over a year ago when I found a link to this article in the Toronto Star. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it since it shows how the Israelis manage without all the security theatre and have an enviable track record despite being surrounded by people who want them dead. Apparently they avoid letting people form large groups, have blast proof areas occupied by only a few people at a time, and use layered security that begins on the approach road to the airport. They do not piss about by looking at your shoes and giving your balls a quick rub. Most admirable of all is that they aim for passengers to be able to get from the car park to the gate in only 25 minutes. Now why can't we all do that?

  3. Yeah, read that before AE, it makes a lot of sense.

    William ... that won't take long to rectify. lt'll be fundamentalist lslamists and from there a quick jump to Alky Ada.

    Note that the Guardian printed this :-

    "It appeared the attackers were able to move freely to the point of detonation because there were no metal detectors at entrances to the airport."

    See, we are already heading there. Next stop for Security Theatre ... main entrances to airports. lt's madness!

  4. The other elephant in the room here is how the BBC and others refuse to link this to Islam or Muslims.

    But what are the chances of a bit more profiling? What are the chances of them concetrating their efforts on women dressed in sacks?

    Oh, I forgot, they are too busy catching you dastardly tobacco smugglers.

    ps Smoking, I have added you to the blog roll. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

  5. No prob WW. You have to realise ww that tobacco is very dangerous ... AK47's, semtex etc has a free pass. As do anyone dressed as a black postbox!

    None of the MSM incl BBC have said anyhting about UK airport security despite it being the same as Moscow.

    They do profiling ... any white, straight UK, non-Muslim male is a prime suspect don't ya know :-) ... l know l do through experience!

    Thanks for the heads-up

  6. You're not wrong SH. They've buried it but wen we had the printer cartridge bomb it was all over the place for days as was the other so called plots. Now they face a real threat theyll be shitting themselves.

  7. Watching the Security Theatre trying to keep up, is like watching a dog chasing its tail. But hey, it's a living! Uniform, and a bit of power. Do they look bovvered? :-)

  8. You should consider how Israel have contained their (probably much greater) threat level. They have many layers of observation & quizzing of arrivals, with blast-proof containment areas within the terminals for individual & luggage assessments. With no atrocities and fewer delays than us, I believe they have a robust system.

  9. Yep not a freaking word about UK airports being same as Moscow. No T May pontificating about security , which is a blessing really.

    lt prob will happen one day unfortunately and then we'll get another set of security that will be as bloody useless as the previous ones.


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