l Do Not Consent!

 Returning from Poland was an experience that l've not encountered before. Wasted 2 hrs time before being allowed to leave with no searches (inc x-ray) of myself or luggage. No consent was given for any searches or questioning so neither took place. No personal details were given whatsoever. Nor was any legal reason given for the detainment despite frequent requests. This is just the initial complaint ... the beginning so to speak.

"Dear Sir or Madam,
l have a serious complaint about the staff at at your airport. l was detained against my will for 2hrs in no-mans land between the UK Border Control and the airport doors from the aircraft. At no time throughout the incident in this area was l directly spoken to regarding this. lndeed l was refused even a glass of water to take medication that l required after becoming ill on the flight. Members of airport security, airline staff and police were all present holding me there against my will and violating my human rights. Their only reason given was to say they were 'asked to' hold me there. 'Asked to' is not legal justification for detaining me.

This morning a colleague commented that it sounded like the Stasi but l do not agree. During my professional career l have been detained by the East German Stasi because of a mix-up regarding visas that lasted 3hrs. They were extremely polite, explained the problem and frequently asked me if l wanted something to drink or eat. l had use of toilet facilities and could smoke. How l wish my ordeal at your airport was to that standard. How ironic that l had just returned from visiting Poland to see Auschwitz.

At the end of the 2hr period, l was eventually allowed into the airport itself accompanied by the police and airport security. I was stopped again at the security exit doors of the Customs area. No reason was still given to why l had been illegally detained but was asked if l would consent to being asked questions by the UKBA to which l refused and so stated that 'l do not consent'.

l was then informed that l was free to leave!  The airport security and police seemed to be as bemused as l was as to this outcome and it has to be said they were somewhat noticeably embarrased.

What has my country become? l am a law-abiding UK citizen, have no criminal record and my only 'crime' seems to be that l travel to other countries whenever it pleases me. l am a retired professional and have the means and time to do this although it is somewhat apparent that perhaps l no longer have freedom and human rights if l wish to continue?

Throughout this ordeal my behaviour was impeccable. l was calm, compliant, not abusive, non-aggressive, polite and friendly. l have to say that the airport security, police, airline staff and a member of the UKBA also behaved impeccably although all were complicit in my 'illegal' detention and none could give no legal justification for doing so. l must add that the female UKBA officer did eventually fetch me a glass of water to which l was grateful.

The whole of the above is just a summary as l respectively do not wish to relay the whole incident to just a member of Customer Services. l wish it brought to the attention of the airport director or perhaps the CEO Craig Richmond as l view it as a very serious matter. One expects an airport such as yours to look after the welfare and rights of it's pax. Could you please let me have the personal contact details of airport director and CEO.

l will then write a detailed account of my 'illegal' detention. l do have the whole incident recorded on my i-phone so it will be completely factual.

Thank you,
####### #######


  1. Jeez how can you walk with balls that big? :) l take inspiration from you and hope if l'm ever stopped l can do the same.

  2. They probably wouldn't have bothered Smokey if I hadn't got myself arrested and cuffed on the plane first, but that is no excuse for detaining him. He is not responsible for me.

    And I didn't get my bags searched, either! I just stood my ground and refused consent. Customs guy tried his best to bluff, but with all the cops around he couldn't break the law.

    Charges of obstructing police were quietly dropped. So I dropped my formal complaint about police. The cops and I ended up friends! They enjoyed the Customs guy's humiliation.

    It's a long story, and a silly one, but very educational about the illusory power of customs. More details when I get time.

    DO NOT CONSENT! Listen to Captain Ranty. He's not wrong.

  3. PS It all started when the police kettled the whole plane because someone had been smoking. They agreed that it wasn't me. We were all asked to wait til they arrested the dangerous rebel. I did not consent.

  4. An amazing story!

    I can only stand and applaud you saying no the way you did. Politely, firmly, and repeatedly.

    Fucking brilliant!!

    I'll blog (and link here) tomorrow.


  5. This is an excellent account and an excellent example of what everyone in the western world needs to start doing right now, including in the US against their horrible TSA Stasi troops. The younger have no good examples of this to behold because the propaganda tells them to shut up and do as they are told. This is an excellent example that should be related to the world.

  6. These fuckin robbin UKBA bastards need putting in their place. Twats!

  7. All over one fag? Which was so blatantly dangerous that no-one knew who had smoked it?

    We are living in brainless times, people.

  8. They knew who their culprit was, apparently. They wanted us to stay behind just to witness his disgrace, humiliation, and observe their power. "To encourage the others."

    I'm not even sure that he had broken any law in this country. I expect the ritual was to encourage him to confess. That would make things easier for them. After he saw what they did with me for disobedience, he'll have been worried!

    They claimed that this is the proper procedure. It's safer to arrest dangerous people in a confined area full of people, rather than let the "hostages" off first.

    Smoking never used to be dangerous on planes, did it? Perhaps they're more flammable now!

    You know bugs me? The only people who call me "Sir", are those who expect unquestioning obedience.

    Don't call me "Sir". You wouldn't like me when I've been called "Sir". :-)

  9. WTF? if you're a British citizen and are carrying a valid British passport they can't deny you entry! Fuck em up SH! Hope you're feeling better now.

  10. The stupidity is astonishing.

    That standing up for one's shrinking list of rights seems so unusual is tragic.

    All the same, bravo for standing up and demonstrating that there are still those willing to do so.


  11. Jings SH, I missed this. I think I would have created quite a stooshie - a well mannered one though. Well done you for keeping cool.


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