Forced Interlude

Sorry for the lack of posts and especially Part 3 of the HMRC/UKBA confrontation. The computer holding all the files has commited suicide so am having to transfer progs files etc. including 2000+ albums.

In these cold freezing days l thought it would be nice to post a pic of warmer times ... and interesting times :)
I really must do an updated version of this pic as it is now outdated due to the Sony Minidisc ... the rest of the items are ageless. The pic invokes very happy memories!

and for those who think all trains come to halt because of snow :-


  1. Whoa! nice pic

    and that train shows how stupid our railways are. Can't remember steam trains getting caught out either

  2. Speaking of cold weather travel...

    When we all convert to electric cars, (nobody has mentioned this), but they won't have heaters. There's no waste engine heat, and the batteries are struggling enough already in the cold, there's no way an electric car can have an electric heater. Not even a windscreen heater. We'll have to stop every few miles and piss on the windscreen. :-)

    We could have parafin heaters, or bottled gas, but that rather defeats the object, doesn't it? Fossil fuels?

  3. Sunday Telegraph reports trains too sophisticated to cope with icy conductor rails. Isn't that the way it goes? Get a modern condensing high efficiency boiler and the £50 quid a year you save on gas is eaten up with repairs (and the diesel for the repair man's van). Get a "low emissions" car and after a couple of years all the sophisticated management systems have packed up, and cost hundreds to fix. How green is that?

    George Speller

  4. The trains were designed for Global Warming. If the ice caps are gonna melt, what's the chances of getting snow here? Be fair!

  5. Already we have the most used excuse in the UK 'There are lessons to be learned blah blah'

    OH, JUST F##K OFF!

  6. Not sure what is 'sadder', the fact you had a mini-disc player or you liked to date pole dancers...



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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

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