UPDATED ** Pt 2 ... initial interview ... audio recording of HMRC stopping a shopper returning to UK 2010.

Sorry to take so long for this but it really is hard processing the audio file ... and time consuming. You have to edit out as much background noise as possible whilst trying to enhance speech and take out the long pauses. l'm not an expert by any means, if anyone can enhance these even more ... please do so.

Anyway here is part 2. Tempers are now calming and the female officer is now more in control of herself but confrontation continues.

To accompany this audio file is a description of it by the man himself. There is a Part 3 but l'll let the man explain that :-

"Okay folks, here’s another installment. Just a short one, to keep you interested.

Notice how they try to keep my passport? And give up at my insistence? Nearly everything they do is a bluff to get your consent. “I’m asking you to - I need you to - you need to -I have to – we must”. Never “you must”. Notice that at 4mins 35sec she ASKS again, “CAN we search your bags.” (No, not till I’ve been outside for a cig!)

They refused to record it, so I insisted that everything was written in her notebook as it was said. (Not afterwards, this is IMPORTANT.) Smokey has edited out all the resultant gaps here, or it would be very boring.

At 5min 50secs here, I went outside for a cig, WITH my luggage (and one customs officer in tow.) (Two second gap in this edited version.) Just proving a point!

On return, I tackled her about the customs leaflets on the ferry which are out of date regarding EU limits. We had told the ferry people, but they shrugged and said it was up to Customs. (Later, after much badgering of head office by someone that you know, all customs leaflets were removed from all of their ships.) The leaflets were printed two years ago, but were out of date one month after printing. Deliberate? Last chance to spread disinformation?

The reason for my obsession with Bulgaria, will become clear when I tell you that story one day. That incident didn’t get recorded, unfortunately, but I’ve got a nice letter from the British Embassy in Bulgaria now, which has solved a lot of problems when I’m over there! Bulgarian Customs take one look at it, (it’s in English and Bulgarian), and then they run away!

Anyway, she pointed out the Customs poster on her wall, claiming that was right though.
It wasn’t! It also said the limit was 200 cigs. She read it, then agreed, but later claimed that they couldn’t alter or remove it, because it was official!

The next part to come also has some entertaining moments, but is mainly educational. It shows the questions you will be asked if you stand your ground. The gaps are yet to be edited out because they still refuse to record it, so I’m making her write it down as we go. So you’ll have to wait a while for part 3.

Clearly, I have not yet fully explored the limits of defiance. It’s a learning process. For instance, when they say, “You do not have to say anything, etc”. What will happen if I say nothing? Hmm, that would be difficult for me though! But next time I will get arrested again, and STAY arrested. Then they’ll have to record it.

I am not gloating. The point is, they easily can steal from those who consent. Do not consent!"

Youtube to follow shortly.


  1. This action by the UKBA is probably part of the "denormalisation of smokers" campaign.

  2. Why the hell don't the MSM do something like this?

    Kudos guys!

  3. Solutions to your petty crusade:

    1. Buy your tobacco in the UK and pay the taxes that will fund your healthcare from its effects.
    2. Quit smoking.

  4. can someone please send the whole recording of this to someone who will look at this and bring it to the attention of our so called politicians to let them know what's going on as we all know our so called politicians don't live in the real world. I would love to see an investigation into this by a programme like panorama but that's too much to ask from the Government TV station. Get the Border force on tv and get them interviewed as to the rules on bring tobacco into the uk. They couldn't do anything then as it is public, especially the part were they accuse people of bringing tobacco in for a commercial purpose without any proof whatsoever

  5. please bring the illegal practices they use to the attention of everybody, ie. random stops. taking tobacco off people (and cars) with no proof whatsoever. If it were the police they would have to have evidence of any wrong doing. I have been in this situation and it isn't nice. they use the civil offence act rather than criminal offence act so the bar is lowered, my solicitor told me this, that's how they get away with it

  6. Anon 05.36 - just fuck off!

  7. It is about time some thing was done about the border farce's action's, if it was any other organisation that behaved like these modern day highway men they would be closed down and prosecuted for theft and harrasment etc etc!!

    But then again it is backed by goverment on the loss of tax band wagon as mentioned by the arse wipe above(05.36) which we all know is a crock of shite as we are all part of the eu and should be able to buy what ever goods we please on the continent and then transport them to our home country, how can these clowns know peolpe are going to use there purchases to make money? it is impossible to hold up in a court of law when it is a random stop and rob i mean search...how can these clowns be able to stop you then search you(and vehicle)then remove your goods because he thinks you are going to sell them on!!! how can these people be allowed to not only stop/search and judge you but also sentence you on the spot in a demacratic country in the 21st century.......

  8. I'll support your right to buy as many cigarettes as you like without paying British taxes, as long as you then agree to void the healthcare you receive after smoking them all.

    When you are doing everything you can to avoid paying into this system, I don't feel that I should fund the aftermath of your addiction through my taxes. Whose being the arse in this?

    You need to realise the longterm effects of your addiction, and the bigger picture than your wallet. If you get beyond your selfishness - then the only conclusion is the one I have come to.

  9. Anonymous 23:01,
    I don't need your support. Parliament gave me the right to buy my cigs abroad. Free trade. The EU. I didn't want to join it, did you? Somebody did.

    I don't make the laws. I just obey them.

    "When you are doing everything you can to avoid paying into this system," - So, you pay more tax than you should, do you? Voluntarily? Anonymous envelopes of cash to 11 Downing st, or do you just lie about your income so they'll take more tax than they should?

    No? - "then the only conclusion is the one I have come to."

  10. I dont need your support either, i pay my tax like any other person but i am with in my rights to shop about for the cheapest product like every single person who lives in this country is.
    also even if i bought my baccy in this country it would be no less or no more the amount. so kindly piss off trying to justify the goverments high taxation on one of only things many people enjoy( a good smoke )......

  11. Why did he shoot himself in the foot, you can't bring tobbacco products in for other people even if you give them away free of charge, no nned to explain who they where for, you own use is sufficient

  12. I thought i had paid my NHI and taxes all my life to help look after me when i got older.The fact that my pension has now been destroyed by the same health freaks as anon is supporting means my life style is desperately short of what i have been led to believe.In addition if i give up smoking then i will live longer and cost the state more.Would it not be better for me to smoke more and die sooner and save the state money.(I stopped smoking 4 years ago but still defend peoples right to smoke if they so desire)

  13. Anon 02.35 Of course you can bring tobacco products in for other people if they are free of charge .... what's another word for it, now?

    Ah, yes ... gifts!

    I don't know, l go away for a few days and the place goes to hell. :)

  14. Hey, it's quite tidy in here!
    AND I fed the cats.


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