BA Chief says airport security checks redundant

BA Chairman says we should stop kow-towing to US increasingdemands.

Common sense emigrated a long time ago. At some point, somewhere in the world, a suicide bomber is going detonate a bomb (or even just attempt to) actually at airport security. When that happens what will the security circus do then? … pre airport security? lf an attack then happens there … pre pre airport security?

Admittedly, we have had a terrorist attack but these were not foreign nationals. Remind me again where this attack took place? … ah yes, the Tube! Lots of security there nowadays isn’t there? No travellers taking large suitcases etc onboard then??? Not to forget the buses either.

Don’t worry though, when you get to the airport everything will be checked to make sure you’re ‘safe’ and if there’s any suspect liquids … they’ll be confiscated and all thrown together in a big box!

What about travelling on the Inter-City trains? Surely there’s security comparable to airports there? … No, sorry … afraid not.

Ferries then? Like the P&O ferries that travel daily/hourly to and from mainland Europe? Surely there’s tight security there? … No, sorry … afraid not. You can get a bus (literally) onboard a ferry with no checks whatsoever except for passport checks.

But don’t panic because all suicide bomber terrorists (foreign) are totally stupid and have OCD about aircraft and so will get caught at airport security. They won’t detonate before they get on the aircraft because … because … because … errrrr?

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  1. Too much money at risk SH if they told the truth about security. All them well paid jobs have to be protected.

  2. Airport security would be a good place for the maniacs to target! You're right, anybody can get that far without any checks. Pick a busy day, they'd get a lot more than one planes' worth of victims.

    Dismantle the whole circus, we should just take our chances like we did with the IRA.


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