Stormy Monday

l love going to live music and if you are the same, watch and listen to this. Recording quality is not great but the playing is, you'll see what l mean at 3.20 in. She plays blues covers and originals These musicians survive on a pittance and the only thing that makes them carry on is their passion for music ... and the support as we, the public, give them. The standards of the performers range from poor to very good and then sometimes you get exceptional ... Chantel is the latter. l caught her over a year ago and had not heard of her at all. Was at a Rock and Blues festival and she was amongst the many bands appearing there. She came on in a frilly dress and introduced herself in a broad Yorkshire accent and giggling ....  l thought 'What the hell's this?'

She then began to play and showed me ...  ramming those words l uttered down my throat ... sideways! How can a girl play the axe like that?  came to the fore as it did many males who stood there with mouths open. This girl can play and sing. She has no cd out yet but has jammed with the likes of Joe Bonamassa and Walter Trout. She continually tours and most of these are little venues ... if she's gigging anywhere near you go and see her now before these little venues become a thing of the past. You won't regret it!


  1. Damn, thats good. Thx for heads up

  2. Will keep an eye out for her, she is good!

  3. l saw her guesting with Debbie Bonhams Band. She seems so shy but she can play that guitar. Headsup for those that don't know:- Debbie is John Bonhams sister and he was drummer of Led Zep.

  4. Top notch! Particularly like her renditions of Hendrix's Red House and Trower's Daydream.

  5. She's well known amongst many famous guitarists but less known by the public. We get all that crap like x-factor and there's talent like this on our doorstep. Freakin madness

  6. Chantel is not just a great guitarist, she's a great vocalist too. The ultimate live performer, and the hottest live act in the UK today. She will be gigging all over the UK for the rest of the year. Don't miss the chance of getting to a gig.


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