Guide to buying your tobacco/cigarettes in the EU

I 've spent some time joking about on here but now back to the serious business. l'm putting together a comprehensive step by step guide together to help people buying their tobacco/cigarettes abroad. A lot of the info is on here but as the blog has grown it's become a trial to find it, so with the help of Google pages l'll rectify that.

l also intend to have up to date prices from various countries. For this l shall need help from other seasoned shoppers to supply me with such details as l don't go to every country in the EU. Details of hotels, what shops to go to, transport etc will also be of help to others.

We have to help each other because sure as hell nobody else will. Just pm, comment or e-mail me with your info. Ta

Blogging will be light till l finish it.


  1. British Tobacco Shop
    Free Drinks & a friendly parrot(Flemish Speaking)
    Facing Ostend Rail Station
    Pay in pounds.sterling
    GV £3.75p.......50 Grammes
    Amber Leaf £3.30p......50 grammes

    8/10 rating

    Red Rose Light Infantry

  2. I use

    Their prices are very competitive and the website is updated regularly. The shop is situated just behind the main drag of 'tobacco alley' in Adinkerke (map on website). They speak perfect English and they are very good with the freebies (lighters & stuff). Hot drinks are free from a machine. We spent a lot of money there (there were 6 of us) and they gave us a small discount which helps.

    10/10 rating

  3. people will appreciate all the work you are doing I love reading your blog, plenty of truful information which isn't what you get on the customs website. many thanks karl

  4. I still think it would be ace if we could organise a bus load of us over to somewhere for a jolly duty free shopping trip, a pint and a smoke in those countries where smokers are still welcome inside.

    Britain simply doesn't deserve us :)

  5. Excellent advice SH, hope to see the completed guide soon.

    Pat, l'd go but not on a bus! Prefer a flight to somewhere with no Righteous.

  6. Handy little suggestion for the heavy league,
    ie Goths,Saxons and Celts who like their trips
    rough and quick..
    October Leeds..via Dublin Charleroi(Ardennes)...............Circa £25 Full Inc Ret
    + £16 motel ...Piss up in Charleroi
    Airport baccy pay in £s
    50 Grammes..GV £3.68.Amber Leaf £3.27

    Plenty more for autumn flyers.

    May I suggest a gathering of Eagles** in Majorca
    November.2 nights..Flight+appartment circa £72

    ** No parrots,budgies or canaries ,thankyou


  7. I go to Adinkerke(Belgium) by coach for about £30 from Suffolk. A day trip which includes a stop at Carresfour (Calais). The shops in Adinkerke allow smoking with a drink inside, unless they serve food. Even where food is served the shops are allowed to give smokers 100% cover. Next year smoking is expected to be banned in all shops.
    Cost of tobacco in Adinkerke. Amber leaf £3.40. Cutters choice £3.40. Old Holborn £4.20. Pay in Sterling as buying in Euros cost more.

  8. Mrs L has been buying her tobacco in France for over a decade now. Even just going to a local Tabac is cheaper than buying in the UK. When touring on the bike, we would always have plenty of packs of Old Holborn in the panniers to last her until the next trip.

  9. Always go to Shop Stop in Adinkerke a couple of times a year at least. Last time we went on the 28th August they didn't have Amber Leaf, as according to the staff they don't sell to Belgium anymore cos there is too much on the streets... stinks of government interference to me!

    Anyhow, still got GV which was £3.85 a pouch. They have up to date prices on the website which is - just noticed GV is now £4 a pouch as of 19th September.

    Anyone tried 'Essex Virginia' or 'Old Holborn Red' ?!?

  10. Thank you amazing blog, do you have twitter, facebook or something similar where i can follow your blog

    Sandro Heckler

  11. We are on twitter Sandra. Go to frontpage


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